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Lay well !! - An Omleteer,

I have two sussex hens that produce an abundance of eggs -one hen is broody and a good sitter sadly the other is not !!

Wonderful birds - Michael,

These are wonderful birds, with good laying production, they lay about 240- 260 eggs a year. They can be kept in a tight pen or they can roam freely.

A good hen, not so good cockerel! - An Omleteer,

We have both a light sussex cockerel and hens. The hens are lovely friendly birds and reasonable layers, the cockerel however is not something I would reccommend, we have had several light sussex cocks and all have been of a nasty temper trying to attack us despite being raised by us from chicks!

Great egg layers and very tame. - An Omleteer,

My girls, and now cockerel, are very beautiful, friendly birds and my cockerel is not very noisy. They have been laying well, even through the winter and have not had a days illness in the year I have had them. I would recommend this breed to beginners.

A great starters pure breed - An Omleteer,

As pure breeds go they are good egg layers and have laid as well as my hybrids and through the winter. Mine isn't overly friendly, but I know other people have them that are a lot friendlier than mine.

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