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PoleTree - Customisable Chicken Perch - Fun for the Whole Flock!

Entertain your hens on a whole new level and use all the vertical height in your chicken run with the Omlet PoleTree Chicken Perch.

Choose Your PoleTree Chicken Perch - Entertainment for the Whole Flock!

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Perch, Climb and Play

Chickens perching in the customisable Poletree

Looking for chicken run perch ideas? Your hens will love this!

Your hens asked, and the PoleTree has answered! This extremely playful, completely customisable chicken tree makes it easy for you to create an enticing adventure playground where your hens can jump, climb and play, as well as perch and relax in peace.

With the PoleTree Chicken Perch the options are endless:

  • Encourage communal perching with long perches
  • Move perches higher and higher to inspire inquisitive minds
  • Create a stimulating staircase of perches
  • Switch up the system at any time with the easy to move brackets

Sturdy Design for Flocks of All Sizes

chickens perching in the PoleTree

With PoleTree it's easy to create a customised chicken tree perch for your flock.

The PoleTree Chicken Perch by Omlet is the ultimate perching station your thrill-seeking chickens have been longing for!

You can add as many perches as your flock desires, and thanks to strong, durable materials like aluminium and eucalyptus, you can be sure your chickens will be jumping from perch to perch for years to come!

Ideal for Any Chicken Enclosure Over 1.7m High

A chicken perch system attached to a chicken walk in run

The PoleTree has succeeded in making a chicken perch truly fun!

The PoleTree fits perfectly in the full height Omlet Walk in Chicken Run, and any other chicken enclosure. Simply adjust the height of the pole to fit your run, fix to the roof with the supplied connection kit and to the ground with pegs.

Once the pole is in place, you can modify your chicken tree to suit your flock with as many perches as you like, at any height or orientation, to create an irresistible perching system. Make efficient use of all the vertical space in your run, and say hi to your hens at eye level with perches all the way to the top!

Prevent Chickens Perching (And Pooping) On Outdoor Furniture

Chicken relaxing in a wooden perch

This easy to build chicken perch should keep your chickens off the outdoor furniture!

We all know chickens will perch on anything they find! Be it your favourite antique plant pot or a comfortable bench - if the chicken fits, the chicken sits!

The PoleTree provides a purpose-designed perching station your hens will love using, so you don't have to keep wiping down the outdoor furniture before an al fresco dinner!

Reward Good Perching With Treat Toys

Chickens playing and eating treats inside a walk in run

Add treat dispensers to your system to get your hens even more excited about the PoleTree.

Just when your hens thought the PoleTree couldn’t get any more irresistible - bring on the treats! You can add a variety of chicken treat dispensers to the system for a mid-climb snack. The shorter perches have a hole drilled into the end, from which you can hang a Pendant Chicken Peck Toy or a Caddi Chicken Treat Holder.

These feeding toys can be filled with chicken feed, corn, grit or fresh veg and will sway as your chickens go in for a peck!

Explore the PoleTree Chicken Perch

Tap the highlights icons to discover the PoleTree's accessories and options.

Pole to Pole Perch

Link vertical poles together with this longer perch so your chickens can move horizontally across the system.

Treat Dish

Attach to your pole for a fun and hygienic way of treating your chickens.

Short Perch

Positioned on the poles at any height and orientation for added entertainment.

Pole to Run Perch

Connect your pole to the side of your chicken enclosure with this longer perch for extra space and stability.

Discover the accessories for the customisable PoleTree chicken perch system

Customise your chicken perch system to suit your enclosure, and your chickens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the size of your chickens, up to two could fit comfortably on the short rounded perch for chickens and up to five on the longer pole-to-run and pole-to-pole perches for chickens.
The perches are really easy to move around and reposition if you want to switch up your perch playground or add more accessories at a later date.
The vertical chicken perch tree pole kit 1.70 to 2.15 metres fits perfectly inside the full height Omlet Chicken Walk in Run.
You can secure the pole to the ground with the supplied pegs, and the pole attaches to the roof with an angled cap that is screwed together on either side of the roof mesh.
Yes, with this chicken perch design you can use the wall brace or top cap to screw your pole to your wooden enclosure using the supplied wood screws.
The pole consists of an aluminium pole, plastic foot/cap/connection components, rubber rings and shims, and steel fixings. The perches are made from eucalyptus wood and are attached with aluminium brackets, plastic shims, steel and plastic fixings. The Caddi is made from ABS, PE coated steel, and braided nylon. The Peck Toy is made from ABS, AS, and nylon braid. The pole treat dish is made from ABS.
Eucalyptus is a very hard and strong wood, as it's a natural material you will find some splitting along the length of the pole, this is not a defect and is part of the wood's characteristics. It comes untreated, you can use it straight out the box or you can use a pet safe varnish, paint or wood stain. The splitting won't hurt any chickens roosting on it.
What height you choose to position your perches at depends on your flock. In the wild hens roost up in trees, so most will appreciate having tall perches to sit on. They might however need some practice to make it up the system, so it might be a good idea to start low and create a kind of chicken perch ladder for them to climb up.
The Short Perch is 51cm, the Pole to Pole Run is 105cm and the Pole to Run Perch is 107cm long. All designs of the perches have a diameter of 3.5cm.
The ideal chicken perch size depends on your chickens, but for the average laying hen, the chicken perch diameter should be between 30-40mm. The PoleTree perches are 35mm. Make sure you have enough perch space for all hens in your flock, so no one gets left out.
Yes. The only exception is the treat dish, which can’t be fitted around the slightly narrower, extended bit of the vertical pole at the top.

Verified Reviews

PoleTree - Customisable Chicken Perch - Fun for the Whole Flock!

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Good and bad
Chickens loves it and they treating it as a perch. Where do chicken love to sleep? On the perches! So they abandoned the house and started to sleep on this perches. It was Ok in the summer, we let them sleep outside. Now it is getting colder but they refuse to go to the Omlet house. At the momemt we take them one by one and place in the house for the night. Not sure how long it will continue
Review for: PoleTree Chicken Perch - The Ultimegg Kit - 1.70 - 2.15m
This reviewer has 6-8 isa brown pets
Cute and classy addition to the WIR
Misti, New Hampshire,
Just finished setting it up. In fact, even before I finished screwing everything together, the chooks were already using it. I like the longer perches because most of my girls like to roost in pairs.
Review for: Pole Tree Chicken Perch - The Eggcercise Kit - 1.70 - 2.15m
This reviewer has 10+ Orpington, Easter Eg pets
Easy to put together
Martin, Utah,
I bought this as soon as it became available on the US site, I have been looking at them on the UK site for some time, the design feature was easier to use on the UK - I actually gave up trying to create my own using the US option and I just bought this ready designed - not disappointed at all - easy to put together, arrived quickly and the chucks love it. I will def be expanding on my pole tree in the future. I just wish Omlet made extra nest boxes that could be attached to the Walk in run - I often have a Q waiting for the nest box in mu eglu. 100% would recommend - I also like that it adds extra support to the roof for those times in winter when we have snow, Buy it now before it goes out of stock.
Review for: PoleTree Chicken Perch - The Hensemble Kit - 1.70 - 2.15m
This reviewer has 6-8 Various pets
Our girls love this
Julie, West Sussex,
Liked this so much we bought another one! Excellent product and our chickens LOVE it
Review for: PoleTree Chicken Perch - The Hendurance Kit - 1.70 - 2.15m
This reviewer has 10+ pets
That's Hentertainment!
We bought this but customised it as only needed 1 upright but changed a couple of the short poles to longer ones to configure it to make the most of the space in our walk in run. The girls love it! We added another treat tray and they now happily scoff their grit there, we hang greens from the top pole and they also crap from a height onto the others on the ground which is perhaps not the aim but it makes sure they all stay high up when taking a nap! If you have space and cash it's definitely worth it, we have made a couple of home made climbing frames over the years but this was what we were looking for and really does the job
Review for: PoleTree Chicken Perch - The Hentertainment Kit - 1.70 - 2.15m
This reviewer has 4-6 Mixed hybrids pets
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