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Dog Beds

Innovation meets comfort with Omlet dog beds. Discover our variety of easy-to-clean, machine washable dog beds that keep your dog fresh, with high performance memory foam mattresses for the ultimate in pet comfort. We know that dogs come in all shapes and sizes and their dog beds should, too. Whether you have a puppy or a prime senior, we have a sleeping solution to fit!

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Topology Luxury Dog Bed With Customisable Toppers and Feet
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Memory Foam Bolster Dog Beds - Find Your Match From 15 Amazing Colors

Find the best dog bed for your pooch

Your Chihuahua will love the cozy comfort of the small Bolster Dog Beds, while your German Shepherd will sink into the supportive foam mattress of the large Topology Dog Beds. Whether you have a puppy or a prime senior, we have a sleeping solution to fit!

3 benefits of Omlet’s comfy pet beds

At Omlet, we question, we imagine, we dare - and then we create. Our comfy dog beds are carefully engineered to provide these three essential and proprietary benefits for your dog:

  1. Durability that stands the test of time. An Omlet dog bed is the last pet bed you will buy as they are made to withstand any dog’s natural behaviors.
  2. High quality materials. Finally, a luxury dog bed that your dog loves and that compliments your home!
  3. Comfort that surpasses all others. Our memory foam mattresses give your dog unparalleled comfort that is both supportive and cushioning.

Create a relaxing space for your dog to sleep

Dogs like their personal sleep space. We know - we speak dog. That’s why we’ve made it possible for you to combine our dog beds with the amazing Omlet dog crates - available in multiple styles and sizes to suit every dog breed from Dachshund to Dobermann! We took the standard dog crate concept and elevated the look and quality to create furniture style crates with storage solutions. Why buy just any dog crate when you can buy your dog their personal den?

Treat your pup with Omlet

We are passionate pet people, that’s a given. But more than that, we are ideators, creators and ingenuity engineers who are on a mission to bring people and pets closer together. Anyone can make a dog bed or dog blanket or dog crate. At Omlet, our focus is designing products that are crafted from a pet’s point of view with ease of use for the owner. After all, pets are family, and we believe treating them that way starts with the products you buy them.