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simple, practical, colourful chicken coop and run - Kahina,

Easy to put together, well designed as it all stays together and sturdy even after moving it multiple times around the garden. Is great for a first-time chicken owner. Chickens are delighted with their new home, often are left free range around the garden but the run gives us the security when we are out. Open the door and they run straight in, usually to the practical feeder or drinker. Simple to clean and get fresh eggs every morning in the coop.

- Hilary,

Excellent quality, easy to keep clean, chickens very happy to go in at night.

Fit for purpose and looks great too! - Lesley,

I'm very happy with this product although I think it could've been slightly larger to be ahead of all other small animal cages. Having integral storage is a real plus and means that the immediate area around the cage can also be kept tidy and clean. The wheel (thank goodness) is silent and the concept of the twist tube is great! Cleaning is much easier than with a conventional cage and my boy gerbils enjoy rearranging their bedding in the bottom half. Only one criticism which is that the dividing floor drops off the lugs at the back of the cage when I'm cleaning and feel that a retro fritted clip could be designed to keep the floor in place while washing. Otherwise, great and I would recommend.

Fantastic Product - Susan,

We bought the run when a feral cat (Tom) who had adopted us was seriously injured. We were able to trap him and get him to the vet for treatment. He lost vision in one eye, but his leg healed completely. Unfortunately, Tom was diagnosed FIV positive and couldn't be released back into the colony. He was otherwise healthy, and had socialized enough to periodically allow us to pet him. After much research, we contacted Omlet. They were very helpful and worked with us as we designed a run and shelter for Tom that could be tailored to his needs and our space. The run we purchased in 9'X24' and gave us room to build a playground full of spaces to get on or under. We love the height of the run that allows cats to climb, and offers ease to us when entering the run to care for him. We were concerned about finding a run that could be secured in our uneven clay ground and withstand our high winds. We've had more severe storms in one month than we usually have in a year and the run didn't budge even though a large part is enclosed with the Omlet covers - which lasted through small hail. With the repurposing of the Omlet Eglu Cube and several run and coop covers, Tom also has a weather proof and safe shelter. The Omlet run is very well made, adaptable, secure, and should last a long time. Everything we ordered from Omlet has been the highest quality and easy to assemble. We have nothing but the highest praise for Omlet products and customer service! They helped give a new life to a kitty who otherwise might not have had that chance. Tom has a place to live out his life in peace. We are so happy with this "investment" that we will be purchasing a home for Tom's new neighbor - another feral captured from his old colony.

Good product, happy hens. - Letty,

Easy to put together. Easy to clean (our main reason for purchasing). Chickens little apprehensive of grated floor but have got used to it! Happy hens, happy keepers.

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