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Eglu Pro - Chicken Coop for 10 Large hens

How does a home become a homestead? When your flock is your pride and joy, and your eggs are the talk of the town. For you, we designed the Eglu Pro. Finally, you can house up to 10 large hens or 15 bantams in an Eglu.

We’re Omlet and since 2004 we’ve been rethinking every aspect of keeping and caring for chickens. Inspired by the magic when humans and chickens connect, we watch, learn, ask and invent. Our products will make you wonder: why hasn't it always been done this way?

Design your coop


5 STANDOUT FEATURES                              

For 10-15 hens
Easiest clean
Climate control

Big flocks rock

Eglu Cube Eglu pro chicken coop size comparison.
Our biggest ever coop, the Eglu Pro has 65% more space than the Eglu Cube.

Perhaps you began with a couple. But each spring you added a couple more. Housing a flock of up to 15, the Eglu Pro is the perfect solution to chicken math. 

Just starting your chicken keeping journey? The Eglu Pro is the only chicken coop you’ll ever need. 

Sparkling clean in seconds

Does a slide out nest box tray sound easy like Sunday morning? With the Eglu Pro, cleaning just got even easier.

  • Smooth surfaces that wipe clean

  • Two slide-out droppings trays

  • A seriously fast 5 min jet wash

  • No wood grain for mites to hide in

A ladder to love

You asked, so we invented. Our designers developed, tested and refined 146 prototypes. Introducing the Eglu Pro’s patent pending ladder:

  • Unique gridded step design

  • Reduced angle for a confident climb

  • Optimised rung frequency

  • Ergonomic, anti slip ribs 

  • Easy clean and anti slide surface texture

  • New light grey colour for increased visibility

Overengineered? We just call it Thursday.

Sustainable design

Chickens inside large Eglu Pro chicken coop run.
Weatherproof - no rotting or rusting.

Long live Eglu coops - and they really do live a long, long time. Unlike fall-apart, ammonia-absorbing wood.

  • Zero maintenance 

  • All parts replaceable 

  • The sustainable choice, designed to last for life

Fort Knox for your flocks

Our predator proof chicken coop design has been foiling foxes and other would-be predators for 20 years. The Eglu Pro is the gold standard in chicken safety. 

  • Heavy duty steel weld mesh run

  • Unique anti-tunnel skirt prevents digging

  • Two-step predator proof locks

  • World renowned Eglu toughness

Climate control

Diagram showing air flow and ventilation for insulated Eglu Pro chicken coop.
Designed on the principles of cross flow ventilation.

Engineered to keep the weather outside, outside. The new adjustable vents give you full climate control in extreme temperatures. And with the same twin wall insulation that keeps Eglu chicken coops comfortable all year round.

Our smartest coop

Attach an Omlet Smart Autodoor and Coop Light and let our innovative technology take care of early mornings and bedtimes. When it comes to ingenious chicken keeping, the smart money’s on the Eglu Pro.

Easy egg collection

Our new, hinged nest box door has strong holding straps, keeping your hands free for even easier egg collection. And, with bigger doors, reaching into the Eglu Pro to pick up breakfast is a breeze.


A woman opening the doors at the bottom of the Eglu pro chicken coop
Access under the coop without crawling in.

New double doors secured with easy spot yellow run pins give instant access to the shady space beneath the chicken coop. Refill waterers and feeders in a flash - no need for commando crawling.  

Made to manoeuvre

close up of the eglu pro large chicken coop run with wheels for easy manoeuvre
Bigger wheels for a bigger coop that's still smooth to move.

Tall, wide, sturdy wheels mean the Eglu Pro can turn on a dime, making it easier to move the coop and preserve and fertilize the ground. Make tracks, whatever the terrain.

Daylight saving

Chickens inside the Eglu pro chicken coop with daylight pouring in
Ambient lighting supports hen health.

The front of the Eglu Pro is fitted with an ingenious LuxPanel that maintains privacy whilst allowing ambient light into the coop. This encourages chickens to get out and forage during daylight, keeping them fit and active.  

All weather, covered

Chickens in the run of an Eglu Pro chicken coop with heavy duty weather protection cover.
Heavy duty covers for all weathers.

Our heavy duty covers protect your flock from icy winds, scurrying snow, relentless rain and sultry sun. Whatever the sky throws down, we’ve got your flock covered.

Now with detachable run

Eglu pro chicken coop detachable run animation
New design lets you detach run without dismantling coop.

Designed to connect to our secure, predator resistant Walk-In Run, there’s one new feature that sets the Eglu Pro - quite literally - apart: the coop house can be disconnected from the run for easy moving, cleaning and immediate access to the front of the coop. 

  • Add or extend the run at anytime

  • Connect directly to an Omlet Walk-In Run 

  • Sit it inside a Walk-In Run [minimum size 3 x 4m]

With you all the way

An exploded diagram of the Eglu Pro large chicken coop.
The Eglu Pro house arrives in 5 boxes.

The Eglu Pro arrives flat packed for easy delivery to your door. Build along with our step-by-step videos, and some friends. We call it a coop build party because talking chickens is what we do for fun.


Biggest coop ever
Eglu Pro
Green Eglu Pro
From A$2,299.00
Shop now
Eglu Cube
Green Eglu Cube
Green Purple
From A$1,249.00
Shop now
Internal dimensions
H 53 x W 147 x D 85 cm H 50 x W 87 x D 85 cm
Hens housed
10 large or 15 small 6 large or 10 small
Adjustable ventilation
Detachable run
Run access
Front & back Front
Removable droppings tray
2 1
Nest box tray
Removable Fixed
Coop ladder
Unique gridded step design Traditional design
Eggport door
Hinged, with straps Lifts off
Removable back panels
3 1
Lux panel for extra light

Frequently Asked Questions

It comes in five boxes, labelled A to E, to be built in alphabetical order. The run and wheels come in additional boxes. Our ‘How to build’ videos will guide you through. It’s a big coop and may take some time, so we suggest you get friends round and pizzas in. The result is well worth it!
Due to its size, the Eglu Pro could topple if on wheels without the counterbalance of a run. Therefore, we can only supply wheels if you select a run attached to your coop.
Yes, you can connect your Pro to an Omlet Walk In Run using a connection kit. If you want the coop attached directly to the run, use this kit, and if you already have a coop run on your Pro that you want to attach to a bigger run, use this kit.
The nest boxes are always divided into three, and need to be closed manually.
Our 2m Perch fits across the Eglu Pro 3m Run at a diagonal.
The Eglu Pro wall panels are the same as the Eglu Cube, with dual panels to trap air and insulate the coop, making it suitable for year round use.
We are working on it; please email us to register your interest.



When setting up your Eglu Pro, allow 90cm of space at the back of the house so you can slide the droppings and nesting trays out easily and 70cm at the front of the run so you can open the run door.

Please note: 

You should not add wheels to the Eglu Pro without a run.

The Eggport door is not load bearing, and should not be leaned on.

The Eglu Pro run dimensions include 1 metre of space below the coop.


House: 100% recyclable UV stabilized Polyethylene, powder-coated steel

Run: double layer fully coated steel weld mesh

Bolts, screws and molded Inserts: stainless steel

Packaging Dimensions:

Box A Frame: 99cm x 58.5cm x 15cm (22kg)

Box B House: 78cm x 38cm x 59 cm (18kg)

Box C House: 99cm x 30cm x 59cm (22kg)

Box D House: 99cm x 38cm x 59cm (22kg)

Box E House: 96cm x 21cm x 59cm (14kg)

Box F Wheels: 91cm x 40.5 x 17.5 (11kg)

Box G Run: 99cm x 59cm x 10.5cm (21.7kg)

Box H Run Doors: 98cm x 59.5cm x 13.5cm (11.9kg)

Box J Run Extension: 98.5cm x 58.5cm x 8cm (13.3kg)

Box K Run Handles: 43cm x 6cm x 34cm (1.7kg)

Verified Reviews

Eglu Pro® - Extra Large Chicken Coop and Runs

5 Stars:


4 Stars:


3 Stars:


2 Stars:


1 Star:

A Masterpiece of a Coop
Diana, South Yorkshire,
My husband and I have been bitten by the chicken bug and, after many, many months of research, we saved and purchased the Omlet Eglu Pro chicken coop with the auto door. It took us about two days to put it together and we've both been truly impressed by the quality of its components, the overall precision, and the flawless design. It absolutely feels like this coop will outlast us and probably our successors too. If there were a Nobel Prize for chicken rearing supplies, Omlet would get it! Our 6 Ladies were delivered a week ago from a reputable UK poultry supplier, where they had never used elevated perches or ladders before. And yet within 3 days, all of them instinctively took to the coop, started climbing the ladder in the evening and coming down in the morning without any extra encouragement from us. This truly stands testament to how well thought this coop is, if it appeals even to a large, typically non-perching breed such as Brahma. I've not had the chance to do a deep clean just yet, however it's quite obvious that the coop is easy to clean and maintain, and our Ladies seem to sleep very well at night, despite the neighbours' dogs barking, local cats fighting, rain pouring down, and worrying gusts of wind. There's no rainwater infiltration, and the coop is well-ventilated without being draughty. It is genuinely impressive. So, in a nutshell, yes, this coop may cost more than our American-style fridge-freezer and our washing machine combined, but it is 100% worth it from every point of view. It's an investment that will make chicken rearing a modern-day delight rather than a hassle. Take it from someone of particularly high standards in everything. :)
Review for: Eglu Pro with 4m Run Package and Wheels
This reviewer has 4-6 Brahma, French Maran pets
Very happy
I purchased the Omlet instead of building my own and I’m happy I did. It took about 3 days to build the pro which felt like a long time but I’m sure it saved me a lot of time compared to building my own. I’m very happy with the quality and features….I know it’s going to save me a lot of time and energy caring for my chickens.
Review for: Eglu Pro with 4m Run Package and Wheels
This reviewer has 6-8 pets
I feel safe again HONEST REVIEW
I love my omlet pro. After a terrible incident with a racoon I felt heart broken and helpess. I started searching for coops and the omlet popped up. A little out of my price range as a single parent but my chickens safety is priceless. Saved up and finally got their new home. The shipping was super fast. I ordered on a Thursday and half arrived Saturday the other half Sunday. It did take me 8 hours to put together. But I also live in central Florida where the heat is unbearable. There's a video you can watch also for step by steps so charge your phone lol. No issues with set up at all. This thing is strong. It can hold my weight leaning and trying to tighten everything. I was amazed. I purchased the auto door and light. Thr only negative I have is it gets very very hot inside. If you live in Florida where it easily hits 100 by lunch you will need a fan. Unfortunately the pro is designed for a fan but they have not released one yet. So if you think you can put this in the sun and be okay your chickens will not go in it at night. I put a camera inside and they were panting and standing all night. I put my head in and immediately started sweating between the heat and humidity in the air. I did purchase a cheap desk fan and used an extension cord and put it inside the omlet and everyone was laying down and sleeping finally l, dreaming in the breeze. Just want to give that warning to anyone purchasing in the south. You're going to want a shaded area for sure. Other than that, this is the awesome. So easy to clean so durable and strong. I plan to buy another one next spring.
Review for: Eglu Pro with Accessories
This reviewer has 4-6 Polish,Silkie and Br pets
Everything is very well made and good quality
First impressions were that everything is very well made and good quality. The build process was easy to follow with great instructions and everything was clearly labelled for assembly. The coop is on legs with a small entry ladder to the inside space and an area beneath which the hens can also use. The Eglu Pro is definitely looks as though it is designed to last a lifetime; solid in structure and made from plastic so it doesn’t require painting or treatment to prevent rotting / weather damage. The features I am really impressed with are the pull out trays below the roosting area, which make it very quick and easy to clean out the hens. The large lift off door and removable panels where the hens roost also make it a really straightforward cleaning process, because everything lifts out. Underneath the coop is a wire section which the hens use all the time during the day to shelter if the weather is bad! It’s not a huge coop in terms of the amount of room it takes up in my garden but it has loads of interior space for the hens and it is working really well for me in conjunction with the walk in run.
Review for: Eglu Pro with Accessories
Verified Omlet Product Tester
Martin, Utah,
So far I am loving it, so much more room for the girls and the three trays to catch and empty droppings is so much easier.
Review for: Eglu Pro with 4m Run Package and Wheels
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