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Great birds - An Omleteer,

Lovely, great looking chickens

great - Liz,

Our light sussex, Lucy is a prolific layer. Fantastic. In fact, we recently had two eggs in one day. She's quite bold and will happily wander into our kitchen, walking past our dogs. The only downside is that her eggs are quite small. They are exactly the same size as our our leghorns' eggs. With leghorns being smaller birds, they are cheaper to keep and take up less space.

Great Birds - Anonynonmous,

They're great birds but can be very pricey, lovely to look at and very inquisative.

Fantastic, v friendly - An Omleteer,

I have an elderly speckled sussex, who is extremely friendly, far more than the silver variety , who tend to be flightier. She follows me around v closely, and is happy to be handled. Despite her age (approx 4/5 years) lays an egg a day feb - nov. Beautiful markings, an excellent hen for anyone.

not so friendly but great looker !!!! - Helen,

we had two cockerels who were not aggressive at all and full of beans. the girl that we still have is not very friendly and wont be handled even though she's been raised from a chick. she is still lovely to have around though and she's very very chatty (although most of the chat sounds as though she's cross about something !) just coming into lay. would definitely get more even with the shortcomings.

Great for a beginner - Tony,

Friendly very docile birds - only have a mother daughter duo at the moment. Definitely the most placid of our bunch, will happily be handled, and ley well.

Very Good Den - An Omleteer,

i have 2 Sussex and think they are a very friendly hen they lay me an egg almost every day

Light Sussex - An Omleteer,

Light sussex can be very horrible to other hens and aren't very friendly either, i have had one and it has bullied some of my other hens.

Productive and Friendly - An Omleteer,

Our birds are friendly, curious and productive. The hens lay every day for us, the cockerel is ardent and protective towards his hens. They are robust and hardy, out in all weathers in their covered runs. A beginner's dream.

Sussex's - An Omleteer,

I have 2 sussex cockerels and a sussex hen, who lays very well. The cockerels have a nice temperament and follow me around the garden.

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