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Chicken Coops

Omlet chicken coops stand out in the world of chicken keeping. The expertly engineered designs have your chickens’ health and safety in mind, while taking your task load into consideration. Gone are the days of labour intensive wooden coops – the future of chicken keeping is here in our easy to clean, zero maintenance chicken coops.
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Eglu Cube large chicken coop for up to 10 hens
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Eglu Go Up chicken coop by Omlet
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Eglu Go chicken coop by Omlet
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Eglu Pro extra large chicken coop for up to 15 hens
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A chicken coop for every flock

Whether you’re new to chickens, or are a seasoned flock raiser, there’s an Omlet coop for every stage of your hen keeping journey. Convenient access panels, unique coop door closing mechanisms, and ingenious safety and insulation methods are all packed into a chic design that make our chicken coops an instant staple for any backyard chicken keeper.

3 reasons to buy a chicken house from Omlet

  1. Large chicken coops comfortably house flocks of up to 10 small breed hens
  2. Mobile chicken coops are ideal for smaller yards or flocks, or for areas that regularly experience severe weather events
  3. Hen houses without attached runs offer additional roosting space or nesting areas for larger flocks

Create the ultimate space for your flock

Chicken keeping is a unique experience for everyone, but we’ve laid the foundation for successful flock raising. Our chicken coops keep your hens warm in the winter and cool in the summer, are predator resistant, and can be customised to fit any style or routine.

Chicken keeping expertise at the highest level

At Omlet, we relentlessly pursue solutions to the questions we constantly raise. The craftsmanship in our chicken coops is a culmination of our findings, and the results are extraordinary. Enjoy chicken keeping the Omlet way: stress-free in any space and with any level of experience.