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Barnevelder Chickens

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Barnevelder History

The Barnevelder was developed by the Dutch in the town of Barneveld. The intention was to develop a hen that was both hardy and would produce eggs that were brown in colour. Also one that would be able to be sold in the UK. The breeds that made up the Barnevelder were very carefully chosen. A Dutch fowl crossed with a Langshan, Brahma and Cochin. Most of the Barnevelders have long disappeared. The ones still around do lay quite well as long as they are not allowed to get fat!

Barnevelder Behaviour

They are lazy chickens! So for that reason they do need to be kept free range so that they are well exercised. The chicks produced are yellow in colour and are quite slow at growing their darker feathers which come later. The hens do go broody often but this makes them a docile chicken and a good mother.

Barnevelder Varieties

There are several standard colours of Barnevelder. Black, double laced, partridge and silver. All varieties have very prominent orange eyes and very yellow legs. They are hardy birds and good layers of large brown eggs.

Barnevelder Status

Fairly common

Barnevelder Pictures

Two black chickens - barnevelder.
Feeding a barnevelder chicken by hand.
Chickens in garden
Chicken in garden
Chicken in run
Chickens in garden
Chickens in garden
Vorwerk and Barnevelder Chicks
Omlet green Eglu Cube large chicken coop in run
Three chickens in a chicken coop
Chicken outside chicken coop
Two large brown and white chickens in a chicken coop
BettyChicken, Angela and Emily
Betty Chicken
Hannah, sarah and blossom the barnevelders
My Barnevelder, Pip!
Betty arriving home with Audrey
derbyshire redcap
Barnevelder Hen
Silver Double Laced Barnevelder bantam hens
Silver Double Laced Barnevelder Bantam Cockerel
Columbine hybrid (Beryl)
Exchequer Leghorn
Barnevelder (Muriel)
Male about 23 weeks old

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i like barnevelder silver - Saji,

Wonderful breed! - Sherryann,

Gentle, quiet, truly easy keepers. One note: due to their dark color and size, they are more heat sensitive than my Buff Orpingtons. I ordered some shade cloth and an outdoor fan and that does help.

My experience with barnavelders - Alysha,

They've always been friendly beautiful birds and really recommend them for beginners. The old bad point with them is that they can be quite vicious to other hens that they don't know.

- Morgan,

This isn’t exactly a review but does anyone know where we can buy some barnvelders and we have two chicks at the moment how do you tell if one is a rooster if you know where we can buy some can you contact me on 0481881890 please appreciate it...they are a great bird friendly lay good size eggs and are extremely beautiful

Barneleders great breed - Stacie,

We have raised Barnevelders for eight years now. I have to say they are a wonderful breed to have. We free range ours, but they do not stray far. They are a very friendly breed, even the roosters are friendly. They have beautiful feathers and people always stop to look at them and comment on how pretty they are.

Breeder Clubs for Barnevelder

The British Barnevelder Club

Telephone: 01630 638630