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can a chicken be a pet?

That was the very first question that our four founders asked themselves in the final year of their product design course at the Royal College of Art in London. They left university in the summer of 2003 with the very first Eglu prototype, a coop design that challenged the norm and the dream of pet chickens in every home.

Behind the designs                   

For 20 years, this inquisitive approach to design has created remarkable products that bring people and pets closer together. Our questions make dreamers of engineers, watching and learning from our animal’s behaviour, we design solutions that make you ask - why hasn’t it always been done this way?

Scroll through the photos to see our journey so far.

the curious collective

Our Curious Collective may have started with four. But it has grown into a global community of thousands of thoughtful pet owners all looking to do what is right by their animals, not necessarily what is expected.

We’re Omlet, the pet company that endlessly asks. Since 2004, we’ve set out to rethink every aspect of keeping and caring for animals. Product designers first, we ask so we can invent.

asking led to these inventions


Eglu pro extra large chicken coop for up to 15 hens
eglu pro

Can more chickens be less work?

From A$2,299.00


Can tech meet my cat's natural needs?

From A$249.00

Automatic chicken coop door green

Can my hens step out while I stay in?

From A$309.00

Eglu Cube chicken coop designed by Omlet for up to 10 chickens

Can a chicken coop be quick to clean?

From A$1,249.00

Luxury dog beds - Topology
Dog Beds

Can a dog bed live forever?

From A$130.00