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Freestanding Chicken Perch by Omlet

Omlet's Freestanding Chicken Perch gives your chickens the opportunity to get the full free-range experience! Hentertaining, moveable and completely customisable - it's perfect for both you and your flock.

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Fully Flexible Perching

mum and daughter in their garden playing with their chickens

Omlet's perch tree puts your chickens on display, so you can watch them play.

With the incredibly unique Freestanding Chicken Perch you can create a fantastically fun perching station that will keep your chickens entertained for hours. You'll love watching your chickens climbing to the top of their perching tree to sit on the weathervane, just like a real life sculpture!

Add up to 5 strong eucalyptus perches at any height or orientation, and position the conveniently portable tree wherever your flock desires. With an awesome chicken toy like this, you can be sure your hens will really experience what it means to be free range.

The Fun Your Flock Has Been Waiting For!

woman adding chicken treats to the Free standing treat holder accessory for the roosting ladder

Provide your hens with comfort, entertainment and treats - all in one perching station!

Take perching to the next level of fun with the Freestanding Chicken Perch! Customise your poultry playground with even more of Omlet’s expertly designed chicken accessories, like chicken peck toys, a chicken swing or the Caddi chicken treat holder.

For a fun feeling of authentic farm flare, you can add a weathervane at the top of the perch station. This comes untreated, so you can paint or varnish it to suit your backyard, and you can decide if you want it to spin freely or be tightly secured.

Just don’t expect an accurate weather reading once the chickens have caught wind of it!

Hentertainment and Eggcitement for All

Hen eating treats from the chicken treat holder in the free standing Universal Chicken Perch

Change it over and over again - chickens will never tire of the Freestanding Chicken Perch.

With Omlet's chicken perch tree you can create an adventure perch for your chickens, big and small, that will get them clucking with excitement. Here are 5 ways you can use the chicken tree for maximum eggcitement:

  • Move perches to create a new course for your hens to discover
  • Place perches low to help spring chickens get a grasp
  • Create a spiral staircase for your height loving hens to climb up
  • Achieve record breaking jumps with high perching positions
  • Encourage corn-centric chickens to exercise with treat dishes

  • Place Anywhere in Your Backyard

    Woman easily moving the free standing chicken perch tree

    The Freestanding Chicken Perch can easily be moved whenever you, or your hens, want.

    High value perching is no longer restricted to the coop and the run, with this hentertainment accessory your chickens can carry out their important perching needs anywhere and get the full free range experience!

    Maybe they enjoy the view from behind the apple tree, or like to keep an eye on your gardening endeavours from the safety of their comfy perches? With the Freestanding Chicken Perch you can easily move their perch station as often as you like to create more intrigue for your hens.

    Extremely Sturdy and Built to Last

    Woman securing the free standing chicken perch into your lawn with easy to use screw pegs

    The ingenious design and the high quality materials makes this a future-proof perch tree.

    The strong aluminium pole is secured into your lawn with easy to use screw pegs, and the hardy eucalyptus perches fasten with brackets at any height and orientation.

    The Freestanding Chicken Perch will be your flock’s favourite playground for years and years to come, with virtually no maintenance needed from you. Just sit back and watch your hens perch away!

    Ready to create your own ...
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Depending on the size of chicken, up to two could fit comfortably on each of the perches on the pole.
    Super easy. All you need to do is unscrew the pegs that are fastened to the ground, lift up the perching tree as one part, pick a new spot and screw the pegs in again. The pole itself weighs under 2kg, so you shouldn't have any problems lifting it.
    The perches are really easy to move around and reposition if you want to switch up your perch playground or add more accessories at a later date.
    The perches come untreated, but the strong eucalyptus means you can use them straight out the box, or you can use a pet safe varnish, paint or wood stain. The weathervane is made from a different material which benefits from being treated before use to protect it from the elements.
    The pole consists of an aluminium pole, plastic foot/cap/connection components, rubber rings and shims, and steel fixings. The perches are made from eucalyptus wood and are attached with aluminium brackets, plastic shims, steel and plastic fixings.The pole treat dish is made from ABS.
    Eucalyptus is a very hard and strong wood, and as it's a natural material you will find some splitting along the length of the pole. This is not a defect and is part of the wood's characteristics. The perches come untreated, you can use it straight out the box or you can use a pet safe varnish, paint or wood stain.
    Yes, the base and the handy screw pegs allows you to position your chicken perch tree wherever you want, even if the lawn is not perfectly levelled. However, chickens will not enjoy perching on a slope, so try to keep the vertical pole as straight as possible.
    The pole is 90cm tall, and the base has a diameter of 37cm. The perches are 51cm long, and have a diameter of 3.5cm. If you’re looking for any other measurement, you will find all perching accessories here.
    In order to give your chickens enough space to use the perches, the maximum amount you can add is 5 perches.
    If you have an Eglu Cube with a run that is 3m or longer, the perch tree will fit. You will however not be able to add the weathervane, and you are restricted as to how high you can place the perches and still have your chickens comfortably perching on them. The Freestanding Chicken Perch is not suitable for an Eglu Go or Eglu Go UP run.

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    Freestanding Chicken Perch by Omlet

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    Super easy to set up, girls love it!
    Casey, WA,
    Super easy to set up and looks very cute. My polish have been the only ones brave enough so far (Polish? Brave? Haha) but I'm sure the gang will be using it in no time
    Review for: Freestanding Chicken Perch - Perching Pleasure Kit
    This reviewer has 6-8 Polish, Pekin, frizz pets
    It is a great toy!
    It is a great toy for getting chickens to earn their treats and keep them busy whilst in the run. I would definitely recommend it while there is bird flu around, so they can keep active. It keeps the food off the floor and doesn't attract rats or mice. The wind turbine is useful for the chickens and also us for example if you have somebody who plays golf they can use it to know where the wind is going. We would give it 5 stars.
    Review for: Freestanding Chicken Perch - Hen Adventure Kit
    This reviewer has 4-6 pets
    Nice, sturdy perch....but.......
    Irene, South Carolina,
    out of my 9 chickens, none will go on it. I've placed several on it and they jumped off. I have treats at the top, but they are not interested. Perhaps my chickens are spoiled. This was easy to assemble, much easier, not less expensive than creating my own, and it looks great. It stood up to the SC hurricane Ian, no problem. I'm going to have to put some corn on the cobs on it and see what happens.
    Review for: Freestanding Chicken Perch - Hen Adventure Kit
    This reviewer has 8-10 Assorted purebreds pets
    Robust design
    Easy to assemble and looks robust enough to cope with four bantams! They are a bit unsure at present, but took to the perching pole readily so am sure this will be popular.
    Review for: Freestanding Universal Chicken Perch - Spring Chicken Kit
    This reviewer has 2-4 Bantams pets
    My hens give the treat dish especially two thumbs up (of course)
    I added a non-skid surface to each of the perches which made my hens extra happy about perching. But most of all, they really enjoy jumping up onto the perches to get oats out of the treat dish as soon as I drop them I make almost a game out of doing that.
    Review for: Freestanding Chicken Perch - Hen Adventure Kit
    Verified Omlet Product Tester
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