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Stunning looking birds, reliable layers of smallish eggs - Elaine,

Stunning looking birds, reliable layers of smallish eggs

Superb looking and very friendly - Jane,

We have always wanted Vorwerks and eventually got some last summer - and don't regret it at all. Very friendly birds and hens have laid regularly. Very good fliers and they do tend to wander a bit foraging - so good fencing is a must! Cockerels happily live together and are not at all agressive.

Very friendly all rounder - Vicki,

Vorwerks are very easy birds to deal with for someone who wants pets and eggs,the cock birds are very beautiful and tolerate each other very well,anyone wanting a bird for the table can also consider this breed.They were the first breed ikept and they got me hooked on poultry,they need room so not for a small garden, but on the plus side they have got rid of alot of garden slugs and pests without too much husband wants me to say they are noisy, but no more than any others we keep , I would say.he is a light sleeper and of cause my birds come first!!!!!

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