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excellent pets - Brenda,

I was born in Oz and my father kept Australorps, Japanese silkies and tiny bantams until I left home for UK in 68. When I was young I used to have an Australorp rooster as a pet. He used to sit in the basket on the front of my bike and I used to ride around the seaside town where I lived. He enjoyed the ride. My father bred them for eggs and meat. One day as I sat down to Sunday lunch he told me my rooster was what we were eating. But in those days no sentimentality about the chickens, they provided food for our family. Highly recommended breed.

So Glad I bought them! - Kerry,

I've had my 4 pullet bantams for 2 weeks now. They have fitted in very well with my other standard breeds and are already laying (they are 5 months old) They are lovely little friendly birds and feel like silk to touch!

A good buy - Chas,

I got these chickens a few months ago. They have a bottle green colour on the back of there feathers. Hope to get some eggs soon.

Big beautiful bird - Kristina,

Of the three Australorps I keep, one is particularly bold, and when she saw an opportunity, became "guardian" of the flock. I raised them from chicks, and as youngsters, they were the wallflowers of the flock, but always very sweet and tame to be held and handled. However, I noticed that the one Aussie who made herself guardian was quite aggressive to a new bird, and bossed her around incessantly. With a new bird, she was tough, but she remained tame and easily handled with humans. Without flock hierarchy disruption, I don't think I would have had a problem. They are absolutely gorgeous birds with blue/green/purple sheen to their feathers. They lay a lovely darker brown egg that adds beautiful color to my egg basket. Despite our hiccup, I would recommend them highly.

beautiful breed - Hussain,

Make an excellent brid! I bought these as pets, and they make some fine pets indeed. They love to be handled by everyone at home, and they lay a fair few eggs. So far they have layed 6 eggs a week for the past 4 weeks!

Perfect - Maureen,

My three hen's are the very best. I love the way when it is time for bed, they wait at their Eglu door to be let in for the night. A cuddle before bed and a cuddle in the morning. How can I thank them enough for their egg's.

The Best - Maureen,

I have three ladies and are really lovely. From day one they gave me an egg. They know where there Eglu is and when it starts to go dark, off they go to bed. I can't imagine a better breed. This is the best site to find the chicken for you. Thank you Omlet for helping to keep my babies safe.

Ideal pet or for showing - Emma,

I have two pullets and the phrase 'big & beautiful' springs to mind! They are so tame I can stroke them like cats! They have a beautiful green sheen to them. They are quite big girls, but despite this handle confinement better than my RIR hybrids. They have a very gentle nature. Some books would have you believe that they can hardly fly, but they can make it up to 5 feet with ease! I had to clip my girls as they kept trying to escape to follow me - I guess they see me as 'mum'. You need to allow for a bigger nesting box as they just don't fit in normal size ones and make sure they have a sturdy perch at night. I would recommend this bread to anyone deciding what type of chicken to get.

The complete package. - Anne,

Beautiful looking bird that lays very well even through the winter months. Can become very tame and not at all skittish, hardy and easy to manage.

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