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Beautiful birds!! - Jessie-Jay,

We hatched our Gold spangled appenzeller spitzhauben from eggs in an incubater, and they have known us all their life, so thats probably why they are more friendly to humans than other hens. Our hens are genuinley beautiful too, their feathers are lovely! They actually live in our garden (which is quite big) and prefer to sleep in the TREES instead of their warm bed, however they have never gone missing. They have only just started laying small, white eggs, which we have not yet tasted. One of our hens went broody, at a very young age!, sitting on lots of unfertilised eggs, she refused to leave them, not even for food. Thankfully, she's back to normal now, not sure what made her change her mind!

- Mark,

I breed and show silver spangled.They are stunningly exotic looking birds. Top end of the hardiness scale and excellent on free range. Alert and edgey bordering flighty, but a percentage do respond to regular handling for showing. This year they have taken many 1st and 2nd in the rarebreed large fowl light. Seldom go broody at all, but hatch redilly. Slightly more agressive in the rearing stages than some breeds i find. And maybe a touch longer to come into lay. Great layers of 200 eggs can be obtained with excepionally good birds exceeding this slighty. my aim is to retain this utility quality in my flocks,however getting good feather markings is dificult. I would not recomend this breed for novice or beginers as creating inferior stock in this few and far between breed,but an excellent breed for the hardend enthusiast would not be disapointed G&

grat with asome hair - Harry,

These are a graet bird and they look very cute

Fantastic Birds - Smileysal,

Contrary to what other posters have said Appenzellers are good layers of a medium sized white egg. True, they seldom go broody but not never, just ask the one I've got sitting right now! They are interesting, inquisitive and stunning looking birds with a great character. Flighty they may be but given enough time and the correct handling, can become quite tame. They come in Silver Spangled, Gold Spangled, Black, Blue and Chamois and a Bantam version has recently been introduced into the UK. Owners of this rare breed are increasing as the birds increase in popularity.

A hardy and attractive breed - George,

I have kept silver appenzellers for 4 years now and have never had many problems with them they are stunning and attractive birds.

Beautiful birds, clever (for chickens) - Casasa,

I've kept silver Appenzeller Spitzhauben, lovely birds, very elegant, & good layers of white eggs; quite nervous & strong fliers (keen on roosting in trees). No tendency to go broody.

pretty bird - An Omleteer,

Amazingly pretty but very shy and not for kids. All of my chicks from different farm have had curled toes.

hardy and friendly - An Omleteer,

i have kept these for 3 years now and have never encountered any problens with them they are friendly and are one of the most colourful breeds

Hilarious to watch, very entertaining - An Omleteer,

Fritz and FiFi are our Appenzeller Spitzhaubens and a very entertaining pair they are. Both fly up on the window ledge of our sitting room and stare at us through the window. They look like 2 giant woodpeckers. Fritz is always running somewhere and talks constantly. Very nervous, his piercing squawk can be heard all over the garden. We absolutely recommend this breed to anyone who wants a good laugh and a real show.

Pretty and hardy - David,

I too, have kept silver appenzeller for a few years and think them the prettiest breed, but I am in need of a new cock or some eggs to refresh the bloodline. I live quite near Deborah Roberts and wonder if I can get in touch with her.

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