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Keeping Chickens in Queensland

Climate Since Queensland is so large, there’s quite a bit of regional variety in climate. You know your climate best, so to arm you against the elements we’ve created a page that offers advice on how to keep your chickens warm in cool weather, and cool in warm weather. It’s good to understand that chickens start to get a bit uncomfortable in the heat at around thirty degrees, and in the winter they are quite susceptible to damp.

The rate of natural disasters in Queensland is quite high, so it’s advisable to have precautions in place for your chickens! You may need to bring them indoors if you consider them at risk.

Chickens are a great addition to your home and garden


If you would like to keep chickens in Queensland, be sure to follow the biosecurity regulations laid out by the government. As well as following this state-wide advice, you will need to check what the specific chicken-keeping regulations are in your particular area. Due to the space chickens need and the noise they make, some local authorities have specific restrictions, both regarding how you keep birds, and the number and sex of birds you can own. This can vary both within cities and within regions. For example, in Brisbane (at the time of writing) the Brisbane City Council allows residents to keep six female fowl if the area of your premises is less than 800 square meters, and up to twenty female birds if it exceeds 800. An additional requirement is that your coop must be at least a metre from your neighbour’s fence. It’s best to check out the local authority’s advice before you adopt or purchase your birds.


Whether you’re new to poultry or you’ve been keeping hens for years, you might like to go to some local poultry clubs and attend some events. In Queensland, there are dozens of clubs to choose from, such as the Toowoomba Poultry Club situated in the Darling Downs, and the Beaudesert Poultry Club near Brisbane. There’s also an organisation called the Feather Clubs Association of Queensland, which covers a lot of different clubs in the state.

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