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Chicken Regulations in Australia

Local councils, particularly in non-rural areas, often have quite strict restrictions on the number, and sex of chickens you can keep in your backyard. Roosters are prohibited by a number of local councils because – let’s face it – they can be pretty noisy, especially if you opt for a more vocal breed of chicken. By preventing roosters from inhabiting urban areas, they can prevent a lot of disgruntled people being woken by an overly-enthusiastic rooster in the early hours of the morning.

Rural areas are less likely to have restrictions, but it’s still wise to check with your local council just in case. Another thing you might want to check before purchasing a rooster is how your neighbours feel about it. Are they far enough away so that your rooster won’t disturb them?

It's a good idea to check with your local authority in case there are any regulations regarding chicken keeping

If you live quite close to neighbours, then you might want to just adopt hens, rather than getting a rooster too. If you would like to breed your hens, there are a lot of people and organisations who are willing to loan you (probably for a price) a rooster for a period of time. If the rooster is coming to you and your hens, be sure to check with the council that this will be alright. They can make a significant amount of noise, even when they’ve just arrived!

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Charleen, 23 April 2021

I live on 2 acres and my neighbour has a rooster that starts crowing at 4am every morning what can I do about it Thank you