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Protecting Chickens From Predators in Australia

As we all know, there are a lot of predators in Australia that would happily do your chooks harm if given half a chance. Even in suburban gardens, there are a variety of threats that your chooks will need protection from.

First, one of the main things you can do is ensure that your chickens are safely housed. Here at Omlet our Eglus are made of steel mesh, much sturdier than traditional chicken wire. All of our units come with skirting, and if you are particularly worried about burrowing predators, then steel meshes for the base of the coop are also available.

Second, you could ensure that your perimeter is secure. Board any holes in fences, cover any burrows, and generally block any entry points to where the chickens would be housed. This is especially important for protecting from animals such as foxes, which are a key threat to your flock.

Be wary of your pets as well as your local wildlife - even a well-meaning pet can cause damage

Third, a useful strategy is to reduce the pull factors that bring predators to your coop. For example, in this part of the world, snakes can be pretty common, particularly in summer. The snakes may be after eggs, chicks, or the rats and mice that will be attracted to the food in your coop. Limiting the available food will reduce the likelihood that snakes will be drawn to your chickens. Using anti-rodent feeders will reduce the likelihood that snakes will be drawn to the creatures in and around your coop. Collecting the eggs every day will reduce the likelihood that snakes will be drawn there at night.

Protecting young chickens is especially important, as whilst some animals, like rats and snakes, are unlikely to attack a fully grown chook, they will likely have no such doubts about attacking a young one. If you are rearing chicks, it’s important to have a snake-proof enclosure for them, and to preferably keep them in a very secure environment whilst they’re growing up.

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