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Keeping Chickens in Northern Territory


Whether you live in the tropical North or the arid South, many inhabitants of the Northern Territory need to use a lot of different methods to keep their chooks cool when the temperature soars. Since it rarely dips below twenty, keeping them warm won’t be such a problem, but it’s wise to take real steps to ensure that your birds don’t suffer discomfort, and worse, from the effects of sun and heatstroke.

We’ve created a page with tips on how to keep your birds cool - you'll need to keep a close eye on them during hot periods. If you live in really sweltering climates, then you might want to listen to local advice on chicken-keeping. Chickens can start to overheat when the temperature reaches about thirty degrees, and it can be pretty unpleasant for them when it creeps higher. You know your climate, and what equipment you can use, best, so it’s best to use your judgement.

If you live in a really hot area of Northern Territory, then you'll need to keep a close eye on your chickens' health


Like all governments in Straya, the Northern Territory Government may impose restrictions on chicken keeping. If you want to keep poultry, you will need to get a property identification code, even if you just want two hens. The Northern Territory Government has published a handy guide on keeping chickens in the area, providing up-to-date advice on vaccinations, regulations and methods. We suggest you read it thoroughly before buying your first chooks.


If you’re interested in partaking in local events and joining societies, you might want to check your local pet shop, but also organisations such as the Avicultural Society of the Northern Territory. Another popular choice is the Darwin and Rural Poultry Club, a group which organises events on a pretty regular basis. Whilst this state may not have as many small clubs as others, there’s plenty of opportunity to create your own!

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