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Types of Chicken in Australia

Chickens have been kept and bred in Australia for many decades. As such, there have been breeds created in Australia (Australorps) as well as dozens that have been imported. Below are some of the most common breeds that you’ll find here.

  1. Australorp
    This breed originated in Australia – you may have guessed from the name. They are a small to medium sized breed, and are capable of laying a lot of light brown eggs.

  2. Plymouth Rock
    These chickens come in some amazing colour combinations! Originally from America, the barred versions of this breed are the zebras of the chicken world – they have sets of impressive white and black stripes across their body. There are seven different varieties, and they all lay quite large eggs.

  3. Leghorns
    Leghorns are extremely pretty birds, and their owners love their ability to produce a lot of medium, white eggs.

  4. Orpingtons
    Orpingtons are active birds, who like to roam about the garden. They are quite broody, and have quite a plump, pleasing appearance. This breed produces small eggs.

  5. Houdans
    Houdans have truly amazing plumage. They have impressive, mane-like feathers that make a very interesting sight! They are quite heavy birds that produce fairly large eggs. Be aware, this breed will need to drink out of a small, shallow bowl, as their feathers will get very wet if they use normal drinkers.

There are lots of other breeds available in Australia. We advice checking with local chicken clubs, hatcheries and shops, to see what is available in your area. If you would like more information on breeds, have a look at our breed guide for more images and advice.

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Fortunatus, 28 August 2019

Am from Tanzania I need Orpingtons type of Chicken how will I get. what are the Climate condition are favorable.