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Keeping Chickens in South Australia


It can get pretty toasty in certain parts of SA, and like us humans, your chickens will need some help coping with the heat. Iced foodstuffs, fans and baths are all good options – we’ve created a page to help you figure out your own solution. It also provides advice on some precautions to take during the winter. Regular cleaning, increasing food provisions, and increasing the amount of bedding you offer your chooks are all good ways of ensuring they stay nice and warm.

Depending on where you live, you may need to insulate your coop against the elements - or take steps in the summer to ensure it's not too hot!


As with all areas in Australia, it’s wise to check with your local authority before you get some chickens. Different regions have different rules, particularly if you live in residential areas! As chickens can be pretty noisy, you are often limited in how many you can keep in a garden, and how far away from a neighbour’s fence they must be. A common rule is that roosters are not allowed to be kept in urban areas. They can be pretty noisy, and so can cause a lot of tension!


There are lots of chicken lovers in SA. Adelaide is a particular poultry hotspot – there’s even a chicken sitting service if you’re going out of town! If you’re in the market for some chooks, Adelaide has poultry auctions that are run on a monthly basis – two popular options are those in Willunga and Gawler.

As well as events in Adelaide, there are lots of clubs for you to participate in. There’s the Millicent Poultry and Pidgeon Club in Tantanoola, the Pekin Bantam Club of South Australia, and the Southern Districts Poultry Club to name just a few. If it’s proving tricky to find a club near you, why not start your own? There could be other poultry keepers nearby who are in the same situation. Keep an eye on noticeboards in your local pet shop, as these are great places to find local events.

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Matt, 17 March 2021

Hi Is there anyway in Adelaide or the Hills where people can visit chickens? matt

Trudy, 28 May 2020

Do you have laying hens for sale please