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The almighty egg has to be one of the most versatile and fascinating objects ever to have landed on earth. Arriving before the chicken and sometime after the dinosaur it has survived wars, earthquakes and floods of biblical proportions, but how? The answer is simple, the egg is in fact, a master of disguise. It learnt early-on to hide itself inside chickens coming out once a day to have a look around. So there you have it, Omlet has cleared up a question that has been bothering people for centuries, it was obvious really!

Fiona Watkins loves collecting her fresh eggs from her Eglu in the morning
Fiona Watkins loves collecting her fresh eggs from her Eglu in the morning

In this section you can also find the answer to the question "does a chicken need a cockerel to lay eggs?", how to check if an egg is fresh and some fun things to do with eggs.

Why Are Some Yolks Yellower Than Others?

The colour of your chicken' yolks is highly dependent on the diet of your hens. For instance, if they eat a lot of green acorns the egg yolks will take on a greenish tinge. Paprika on the other hand will make the yolks redder.

For a deep yellow yolk you should make sure your birds are eating their greens. Broccoli, spinach, grass and brussel sprouts work a treat (be warned sprouts can have the same gaseous effect on chickens as for humans.)

Why Do Some Eggs Have a Double Yolk?

Doulbe yolkers occurs because two eggs join together at the point they separate from the ovaries, or alternatively because of a yolk essentially losing its way during the formation process. When it finds its way again it can get incorporated into another egg.

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Rainbow eggs
Biggest egg we've had from the girls!
Thanks for lunch girls!
Nothing beats a golden yolk from a fresh egg
Egg Contents
White Leghorn Eggs
White Leghorn Eggs
Omelet anyone?
Leghorn wind egg at the side of ex battery hens eggs
White leghorn and ex battery hens eggs
Eggs from Ex battery hen (top), cream legbar, salmon faverolles and black copper marans
Teeny bantam egg
Delicious fresh eggs
These eggs were laid by two chickens in two weeks
Finding a fresh egg every morning in the nest is wonderful
This weeks warren eggs
This weeks Miss Pepperpot eggs
my egg range ♡♡♡
eggs of all sizes
More eggs
Eggs in a box
Coloured eggs
Eggs on skelter
Winter eggs
Still laying strong!
2 eggs held in hand


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