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Keeping Chickens in Sydney

If you live in Sydney, you might have been inspired to investigate the chicken-keeping hobby by a neighbour, or by one of the many clubs that have sprung up in the city. If you have some outside space, and want some delicious eggs for breakfast, then read on.


Compared to some parts of Straya, Sydney can be pretty moderate – good news for chicken keepers. Chickens will start to overheat at about thirty degrees, so on the few weeks of the year where it gets a little toasty, you’ll want to take steps to ensure your birds are safe from overheating. Advice and information is available on our page on keeping chickens in extreme conditions. If it does get a bit cold in the winter, then that page also offers some helpful insulation and feeding advice.

It can be quite wet in Sydney at times, so as well as ensuring that your hens are warm enough, we suggest investing in some form of weather protection for your run. Chooks can deal with a bit of cold and a bit of heat, but they really don’t like being damp. Be sure to clean them out more often when the weather’s a bit cold and damp.

As long as you have some outside space, keeping chickens in Sydney could be great fun

Local regulations

Local authorities often have rules and regulations about how many, and what sex, of birds you can keep. We advise you to check with your local authority, as these regulations can be quite specific and can change. At the time of writing, in central Sydney, inhabitants are permitted two hens (no roosters can be kept).

Local clubs and events

There are dozens of clubs and events going on all over Sydney - why not get involved? Chicken activities in Sydney generally revolve around small-scale backyard chook clubs, but the city often hosts larger events too. In 2016, Sydney hosted the National Poultry Show – keep an eye out for events on near you!

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