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How Much Space Do I Need?

Chickens need space in which to flap their wings and stretch their legs, but this doesn’t mean you have to have a colossal garden. Chickens love roaming around and pecking at the dirt to find tasty morsels, and often they enjoy a bit of a run around, so space is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be huge. As long as you have some outdoor space which isn’t tarmac or stone, then it’s likely you have the makings of a suitable environment for some happy chickens.

Chickens need some outside space

The more space you have, the happier your chooks will be. Ensuring your animals have a lot of space is key to preventing stress, several health problems, and social issues within your flock - cooping your hens up together in very small space is likely to lead to outbreaks of squabbling and fighting. Chicken runs are useful structures to keep your chickens safe, but we recommend allowing your pets out each day, unless your garden is not secure, or if you are worried about predators - chickens can be mischievous and can dig their way out of some gardens that are not secure – and other animals can dig their way in. If you are concerned that your garden is unsafe, some coops, such as the Eglu Go, feature runs that can be extended. There are also outdoor, separate chicken runs available in the chicken shop section on our website.

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