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Do I Have Time For Chooks?

Chickens are terrific pets, but they do have daily care needs as well as some less frequent requirements. How much care your hens will need from you depends on where in Straya you live, how many chooks you own, and the specifics of their coop.

The average owner can expect to spend about ten to fifteen minutes looking after their chickens each day – collecting eggs, feeding the animals, and refilling water containers. This will increase on days in which you need to clean the bedding or outside areas, groom them, or administer some kind of health treatment. For more information on chickens’ day-to-day needs, visit our Daily Care page.

You can expect to spend about ten minutes a day caring for your chickens, more when you're cleaning their coop

If you work full-time, you may still be able to keep chickens, especially if you have a partner or family member to help. Once you've fed and watered them, and ensured they're environment is clean, safe, and not too hot or cold, then your small flock will likely be content roaming around your garden all day. In the wild, chickens would spend most of their time rooting around for food, so if they have a good amount of room to do this, then they are likely to be content.

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