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City Chooks

When most people think of keeping chooks, they usually picture a dozen hens strolling around an enormous garden in the country. However, in recent years there’s been a surge in the popularity of ‘backyard chooks’, where people with smaller parcels of land keep a few hens, and reap many of the same benefits. As long as you have some nice outside space, and your local authority allows chickens to be kept in your area, then you might be able to make some chickens very happy.

Even if you only have a relatively small garden, it may still be suitable for chooks

The minimum requirements for chickens are that the animals are able to exhibit their normal behaviours, such as running, stretching etc. They need shelter from the elements, and protection from predators, whether you live miles from your neighbours or in a busy city centre. If you need more advice on chicken care, or on coops suitable for backyards, have a look at our Chicken Care and Eglu sections. We’ve also information on keeping your chickens in cities, here in our Keeping Chickens In Australia section.

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