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And You Thought All Chickens Were Brown

As chickens have diversified into a number of different breeds, so too have they been bred into various colour varieties. The shades and patterns available depend on the breed: like the Rhode Island Red, some breeds only come in one colour, whereas others, such as the Silkie, have a lot of different colour variations.

Chickens have been bred into multiple forms and colours

To help you choose the perfect chicken, we’ve created a breed guide, complete with photos, sizes and comments on their general behaviour. Whilst the decision is up to you, there are some considerations you will probably want to bear in mind before you pick your hens. Principally, these will be 'how much space do I have?', and 'what temperatures will my birds be exposed to?'. To help you pick the right breed, we've created a page specifically to advise chook keepers in Australia.

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Fiona, 20 November 2021

Thank you for this great post. I found it to fresh and helpful in this day and age of quick and wrong is king.

Hansell, 6 April 2020

Interesting info for new owner of chickens

Claudia, 9 July 2016

Very nice colour! Does Rosalyn Serex sale chickens? How can we contact her? Thank you!