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Plan the Year for You and Your Chicken


At this time of year, your chooks’ eggs will be a source not just of nutrition, but of art. People all over the world have tried egg-painting – it’s a fun activity for all the family. Over a bowl, pierce the top and bottom of an egg with a needle. Then, widen the holes a little, and insert a small implement to break up the liquid portions of the egg. You should now be able to blow the yolk and white out of one end. The result is an empty shell perfect for decorating!

World Egg Day

The second Friday of October is World Egg Day! This is a great festival to celebrate with your chooks – why not give them an extra tasty treat, and enjoy the treats they give you in return? Why not make a delicious egg-based dish like scrambled eggs on toast? Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, a pizza featuring a big tasty egg in the middle?

Why not help your chooks celebrate too?


Why not give your chooks a special festive treat of some of their favourite food? When the festive season is in full swing, take a few minutes out of your holiday to treat your chooks to something tasty.

The day you got your flock is a wonderful one to remember. We suggest you mark it with an annual chook-aversary! Spend some time with your chickens, enjoy their quirks, and maybe even give them a treat or two.

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Penny the Border Terrier guarding her new chickens!
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