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Oh No! There Goes Summer

What your chooks will experience in the autumnal months depends almost entirely on whereabouts in Australia you live. If your home is in a particularly arid region that doesn’t experience much seasonality, then the things you’ll need to look out for during this time are very similar to those that you needed to factor in in the summer months – providing your chickens with enough water and shade, and making sure they’re keeping cool.

At this time of year, your chooks may begin to go in to roost earlier

As winter draws nearer, one of the key things that you’ll need to do is ensure that your chooks are safe in their coop once it gets dark. If it’s getting a little chilly where you live, you may want to increase the amount of food you’re providing – the colder it gets, the more food your birds will need to stay warm and healthy.

In the autumnal months, your chickens will entertain themselves digging around the garden and finishing up the last insects. If you get a lot of rain where you are, then you’ll need to ensure that your birds are warm and dry. You might want to move your Eglu into a more sheltered spot, and clean out their coop more regularly to ensure they don't get wet and soggy.

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This is a better view!
You two go ahead whilst I just flap my wings a little
More fun together
I'll have to go on my own if you two are staying!
Autumn brings bugs and leaves for chickens to play with
Woodland hens free ranging searching for worms
Chicken eyeing up apple
Hens eating blackberries out of hand
Hen being tempted by blackberries in hand


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