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If Your Chicken Is in a Bad Way...

Your chicken will live for around four to five years. Although you can bring about a swift end to a chicken yourself, we recommend that if your chicken is in pain or is not responding to treatment, that you take it to the vet. The vet will administer an injection which will send your chicken gently off to a permanent sleep. It costs around £10 and is a service offered by all vets.

If your chicken has stopped breathing
Of course we all hope that our pets will be there to greet us in the morning clucking happily in the garden, a fresh egg in the nest. But it can't always be like this and however your chicken has passed from this world into the next, it is important that it is laid to rest in the appropriate way.

There are three ways to perform a proper chicken burial:

1 - Go to a vet for a cremation. This will cost around £7

2 - Put it in the dustbin. Although this is a bit unceremonious.

3 - You could bury it in the garden, perhaps under a favourite tree or bush, however be advised that Government Regulations forbid this.

1 - Finally, never eat your chicken if it has died.

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Was I ripped off?
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Chloe, 19 April 2023

You will not get a vet to do this in the UK for anywhere close to £10 (or £7 for a cremation) more like £100+

Ruth, 23 July 2018

Am interested to read this comment about taking a poorly hen to the vet and the cost of putting it to sleep. We had to do this last year and we were charged £119 including the cremation. At the time we were horrified but just paid up.