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Common Chook Problems

Omlet chickens have had all the recommended medical attention necessary to ensure that they arrive to you in tip-top condition. There is therefore a very low risk of them becoming seriously ill. Chickens can have minor ailments, like colds and runny noses but these are easily treated with a bit of good old-fashioned TLC.

Most problems occur when many chickens are being kept together or are being neglected. As long as you have been following the suggested day-to-day and week-to-week routines it is unlikely that you will have any serious problems.

A healthy hen happily free ranging in the garden
A healthy hen happily free ranging in the garden

You can use this guide to find out how to identify symptoms, how to prevent and how to treat worms, red mite, scaly leg mite, lice and the depluming mite.

Customer Images

Lice around Dora's vent


Julie, 15 April 2023

My year old hen is bleeding from her bottom but she still layed an egg this morning sprayed with anticeptic and washed. Any other things I should be doing ? Thankyou Julie

Jennifer, 11 October 2021

Hi, We’re looking at the idea of some chickens with the Go Up, some things online have said grass isn’t an essential, in which case, would it be best to get some sort of floor liner to put bark on? Thanks!

Carol, 28 June 2021

Hen with enlarged belly (undercarriage, treated her lice, makes it difficult for her to walk.

Lynn, 24 October 2019

Can you make any suggestions for a septic ham hock please I don’t want to have her culled

An Omleteer, 11 October 2019

My 6yr old Isa Brown has had vent gleet for over a week now but a couple of days ago she started getting very wobbly on her feet and now only sits down. She did eat a small amount of food when I put it directly in front of her but I had to give her some water with an eye dropper. I've been washing her behind to clean the build up of yellow & white discharge & trimmed her feathers a bit. Her comb is still red but droops over to one side & her eyes seem clear but not really sure what's going on....Any ideas?