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No Grass? Keep Your Chickens on Wood Chips

If you want to keep the Eglu in one place in the garden keeping it on wood chippings is a great solution. Cleaning the run is as simple as raking out and replacing the soiled chippings every month or so. Making a chipped area for your Eglu doesn't take long and is quite cheap too.

Anne Fearn's beautiful hens named Violet and Primrose love their Eglu Go on wood chippings

What You Need

  • 1 Eglu and chickens.

  • A 4 metre by 1.8 metre area of ground. This will give plenty of area for the Eglu and access to the slide-out droppings tray.

  • 300 litres of wood chippings: available from any good garden centre. Choose a chunky type, the smaller varieties can turn a bit mulchy.

  • 24ft of edging (this is enough to make a 3 sided area like ours.): We've chosen a wooden edging but there are plenty of styles from plastic to wire. If you don't use the edging then the wood chips will soon spread all over your garden

Making The Chipped Area

  • Put your Eglu in your chosen location.

  • Lay the edging out around the Eglu. Note: Make sure you leave enough room to open the run door and remove the droppings tray.

  • Move the Eglu away and fix the edging in place.

  • Pour the wood chippings into the edged area. Now rake it out ensuring all the ground is covered to a depth of around 5cm. Make sure that the wood chips are nice and flat allowing the Eglu and netting to sit snugly against the ground.

  • Put your Eglu and run in place and let your chickens give you a well deserved pat on the back!

Customer Images

Dust bath time
Hardwood chippings in the run - the girls love a good dig!
Meet Violet and Primrose - the first day in their new home
New home for happy chickens
Red Eglu chicken coop with run and shade cover on wood chippings
Green Eglu chicken coop with run, shade cover and 3 chickens on wood chippings


Samantha, 17 February 2024

I can’t find hardwood chips in Australia. Any ideas?

Mary, 4 October 2021

Can you use playground wood chips for outside chicken run I can’t find hard wood chips in Ireland

Mary, 21 April 2020

Hi I'm reading from your website about using wood chips on the floor of a chicken run . I'm based in ennis, co clare and I'm finding it difficult to locate a supplier of hardwood wood chips..I'm checked with local garden centres and no direction there unfortunately. I see a lot of uk website suppliers providing hardwood wood chips for chicken runs. Advice greatly appreciated Kind regards Mary Ryan

Catherine, 28 March 2019

Yes, I was wondering about making run secure on a patio. I notice in one photograph someone has used housebricks to weigh it down, but this seems a bit clumsy.

Charlotte, 25 February 2019

Can anyone tell me how to go about securing edging to patio slabs?!