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Obviously, the size of your hen’s eggs depends on what breed you own. But even with hens of the same breed, the size of the eggs they produce can vary naturally. You may notice that on some days, your hens produce enormous eggs, and much smaller ones on others. Occasionally, you may notice that your hens produce an absolutely tiny egg. This is probably the result of an object that wasn’t an egg yolk travelling along the bird’s oviduct.

The size of a chook's eggs depends on a number of different factors

If your birds are quite young and have only just started laying, then it’s quite common for the size of their eggs to be smaller than that predicted for their breed. Be patient and ensure they have all they need to create tasty eggs, and it’s likely that they’ll get bigger with time. You may also notice that your eggs will change colour over time – this happens with many chook owners, and isn’t usually anything to worry about.

Customer Images

Comparing eggs
Eggs from my girls
Bantam, Cochin, Sex Link, & Barred Rock
Wind egg laid by my white leghorn
Lovely coloured eggs from my rescued girls
Varying sizes of eggs from 3 of my ex battery girls
6 beautiful eggs
lots of eggs
One of our 7 month old hens excelled herself this morning!
first three eggs - the big one was a double yolker!
One of my hens lays huuuge eggs!
a place to rest
tiny breakfast
my hens lay in small med and large
What a whopper (92 grms)?
Three eggs
6 eggs in a eggbox
Hand and egg


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