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Ex-battery hens

Each year, thousands upon thousands of egg-laying chickens are kept in inhumane conditions in battery farms, denied sunlight and space. These hens are kept indoors all their lives in tiny, cramped containers, with no chance to stretch properly, or to exhibit other natural behaviours and instincts. Once they stop laying daily, they are killed. This is usually when the hen is less than a year and a half old – given the chance, she would usually carry on laying for much longer than this, and rescued hens are likely to still produce several eggs a week for their kind new owners.

Giving ex-battery hens a second chance at life is a wonderful thing to do

Rescuing these poor animals gives them a much-needed second chance. Some charities rescue them before they are put down, and do their best to try to find these poor birds loving homes. A lot of the birds are still in good health and are capable of laying and living for a good few years.

If you are able to give these birds a home, you can get them for free, or for a small sum that will help keep the centre open. Local shelters may have these animals, or there may be battery rescue organisations nearby that will be happy to help you adopt some chooks in need. It’s worth checking online or asking at your local animal shelter.

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