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Australian Chooks

Since chooks were brought over to Australia on the first fleet, Australian keepers have been breeding them into a variety of different forms and sizes. Imports from all over the world mean that Australia has a busy chook market, and so potential owners have a lot of different options to choose from. Have a look at our chook breed guide for more information, but be mindful that Australia is a big place, and we can’t recommend sourcing birds from very far away. The stress of long journeys isn’t something chickens enjoy, and birds can die in transit.

Be very careful when transporting chickens - it may be better to get yours locally

There are some chickens that have been bred in Australia – Australorps are gorgeous creatures. They are a popular breed across territories, and it’s likely that you’ll be able to find a breeder if you think Australorps are the chooks for you. There are lots of online directories serving different areas of Australia, and so we suggest having a look online, and perhaps asking at your nearest pet or poultry supplies shop.

Whilst there are a lot of different chicken breeds available, some are better suited to you as an owner than others. Some breeds of bird fare much better in particular situations than others, and so which breed is best for you depends on your local climate as well as the space you have available. For advice on which birds are best for you, have a look at our Best Breeds For Australia section.

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