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Chicken Toys

Chickens like to play. Just as a dog enjoys a stick or a cat has fun with a ball of wool, hens enjoy ‘games’ involving perching and pecking. A chicken toy is something the birds can interact with, to stimulate and satisfy their natural instincts and behaviors.

No chicken setup is complete without roosting poles, or perches. Omlet has designed the perfect perch for your birds to chill, available in 1- or 2-metre long varieties. These weatherproof roosting poles have a clever bracket that enables them to be fitted anywhere in your chicken run. The birds will use them to take time out from the action on the ground, and to take a good long look at the world from their comfy vantage point.

Chicken swing
Swinging chicken!

Chicken Swings

Chickens get bored if there’s nothing to do. The concept of the chicken swing may sound a little odd at first, but these birds love the motion of a moving perch just as much as a pet parakeet or finch.

The swing appeals to a chicken’s instincts, as they love perching, and also like to get up high for a good lookout spot. You will have seen your birds perch on the top of their coop, or on an upturned bucket or box – anyplace where they can get a good view of the world around them. The swing lets them get up high and feel the security of a good perch beneath their toes, all with the added bonus of swinging.

Omlet's Chicken Swing has a unique patented design, enabling the birds to work the swing action themselves, with no need for anyone pushing! The wing also has a textured grip for their feet. Your hens will queue impatiently, jostling for the next ride on this wonderful chicken toy.

Chicken Peck Toys

Chickens enjoy searching for their food, by scratching the ground or prying into corners and beneath stones to see if they have overlooked any tasty morsel. This instinct is catered for by chicken peck toys. Omlet can supply you with peck toys that hang from the chicken run (the Pendant model), or stand in the ground (the Poppy model). Like a wild bird feeder, they drip-feed the food to the pecking chickens. The birds can see the reservoir of food, and this type of feeding is very stimulating and satisfying for them.

The Caddi Chicken Treat Holder
The Caddi Chicken Treat Holder keeps hens happy

You can also buy accessories such as fruit holders, chicken-friendly fruit/veg skewers, and slow-release food balls, all of which serve the same purpose. Items such as these combine two important elements of a chicken's life – their all-consuming instinct to peck, lots of food in lots of different places, and loads of fun.

Not all peck toys involve food. Chickens are stimulated by anything that hangs down, and will respond eagerly to pinata-like objects that they can peck at, or even softwood or grass hangings that they can shred.

The interactive feed toys your chickens have been waiting for in action!

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