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Windbreak for Eglu Go UP

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These covers fit neatly onto the Eglu Go Up Run, underneath the house. The Windbreak comes in three separate panels ensuring a snug fit giving your chickens a well-protected wind-proof haven. The panels also have sturdy velcro tabs to enable you to use the footpedals when you move your Eglu.

This cover is made from thick, clear plastic, allowing sunlight through whilst keeping the rain, hail and snow out. They are extremely hardwearing and should last you for years to come.

Comes complete with cable ties for attaching to the run.

Exact material and eyelet specification may vary.

Customer Images

And here it is in the warmth
Omlet green Eglu Go up raised chicken coop and run
A purple Eglu Go up chicken coop in a garden
Both hens love the wind breaker and protects them well ! easy to fit very pleased with this ready for the winter now
Omlet green Eglu Go up raised chicken coop and run in the garden
A green Go up chicken coop in dappled sunlight with a run attached and a clear cover over the top
Babette wants to Go to the chickens behind the windbreaker

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Windbreak for Eglu Go UP

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