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Eglu Run Handles

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Moving your Eglu is now even easier with these specially designed Eglu Run Handles. The handles fit neatly onto the run of your chicken coop or hutch to allow you to maneuver your pet's home precisely and with both hands.

Simply screw the handles into place on your Eglu run using the fixings pack provided.

The Eglu Run Handles can be fitted to the run of the Eglu Cube, Eglu Go and Eglu Classic chicken coops. They are also compatible with the Eglu Go Hutch and Hutch Runs.

Product dimensions: 57.8cm x 20.7cm x 14.5cm

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Packed Product Details

Weight: 2.441 kg

Height: 18 cm

Width: 24 cm

Length: 61 cm

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Coop Handles - Sherryl,

My coop was a little hard to move because I am on a steep hill and have a 3 metre run. The handles are mounted on the front of the coop and have made a big difference to the effort I need to put in to move it. Very happy with the, the only slight downside is that they tend to narrow the doorway a little.

This reviewer has 2-4 ISA Brown pets

So easy to move run - Judy,

I am 56 and can move this run easily Without the handles it was a two person job. The chickens move with the run. So good

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020 This reviewer has 2-4 Black chickens not b pets

Eglu Handles - Patricia,

They are great but do make it hard to open the door back for my girls to come in and out for a play. They do make it much easer to move they little house thank you.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2019

Omlet Says: Hello, we would generally use the front door and the run to give the chickens some free ranging time. Maybe that would help in your situation as well?

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