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Extend your Eglu Cube Mk2 run with this 1m run extension. You MUST have the Eglu Cube Mk2 2m run to attach this to first.

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Packed Product Details

Weight: 9.256 kg

Height: 8 cm

Width: 55 cm

Length: 97 cm

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Excellent product - John,

Everything is excellent except the ladder to the Eglu My girls had great difficulty using it, so they flew to the top and flew out of the coop in the morning. I’ve had a wooden ramp with slats for their feet to grasp made and they’re much happier. Would love it if you had a ramp rather than a ladder

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021 This reviewer has 4-6 Various: Sussex, Ply pets

Omlet Says: Thanks for leaving us a review John! Occasionally some chickens do struggle with the ladder. We usually suggest encouraging them up and down it with treats as an incentive, slowly but surely they tend to get the hang of it. Glad to hear you've found an alternative that suits you though!

A good buy - Teresa, New South Wales,

I got x2 1M run extensions for my Eglu Cube. This makes the whole thing about 4M long and gives my 7 hens much more room. It's pretty unwieldy to move though, so I attached plastic piping (with dowel inside to stiffen it) down each side of the coop, to use as handles, which works quite well.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2016