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Eglu Go - Wheel Set

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This fantastic wheel set makes moving your Eglu Go quicker and easier than ever before! Whether you've decided to reposition your Eglu next to the geraniums or would simply like to work on the lawn, the wheel set ensures you can maneuver the Eglu Go around your backyard with ease and precision.

The wheels are easy to install onto your Eglu Go and are held in place by a clever bracket design which runs beneath the main housing. To move your Eglu simply use the levers on each side to engage the wheels and raise the house from the ground. Once you have moved the Eglu and are happy with the positioning use the levers again to return the house firmly to the ground.

The Eglu Go wheels are compatible with both the Eglu Go Chicken Coop and Eglu Go Hutch, and are especially effective when used in conjunction with the Eglu Run Handles. (Note: The Eglu Run Handles are not included in this product)

The Eglu Go wheels are not compatible with other kinds of Eglu coop or hutch.

Product dimensions: 101.7cm x 25.4cm x 51.7cm

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Omlet purple Eglu Go plastic chicken coop and run with wheels

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Eglu Go - Wheel Set

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easy to use
Review for: Eglu Go - Wheel Set
Eglu Go Wheel Set
The wheels were easy to fit and make moving our Eglu Go around the yard so easy the kids can do it.
Review for: Eglu Go - Wheel Set
This reviewer has 2-4 English Angora Rabit pets
Easy Peasy
Rebecca, NSW,
I bought the wheels about 6 months after the cage, don't know how I managed without them lol. Makes moving my cage around Easy Peasy
Review for: Eglu Go - Wheel Set
This reviewer has 2-4 Guinea Pigs pets
Wheel Set
We had the hutch without the wheels and found it very awkward to move around the garden - the wheels are definitely a necessity and work well. It’s a shame they weren’t included with the hutch as it required some dismantling to install them.
Review for: Eglu Go - Wheel Set
This reviewer has 2-4 Guinea pigs pets
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