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Ducks, dogs and frogs..

Ducks are amiable creatures but like to have their own space so uninvited guests will be asked to leave with a determined quack and even a quick nip to the ankles! You should be careful with dogs and introduce them to each other slowly. Cats shouldn't bother most ducks but some of the miniature breeds like the Call duck which is about the size of a pigeon would be at risk. If you have cats or neighbourhood cats that catch birds then it\'s worth keeping them away from your ducks.

If you have chickens and would like to keep some ducks as well, this should be fine. But given the chance a male duck will attempt to mate with hens, so it would be best to only keep females. If you have a pet frog, snail or slug then it would be sensible to keep them well out of reach of ducks as they might turn into your duck's lunch!

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Jane, 21 January 2014

We have 6 chickens of varying breeds, & 3 runner ducks, 1 male & 2 female. They took quite a while to settle to all being out together, with 1 or 2 of the chickens picking on the ducks quite agressively. However, now letting them all out together & seem fine, including the cat! Do have to protect wildlife pond though, as ducks will eat the frogs. But they are also mad for the slugs and snails, so worth having in your veg patch for free & eco friendly pest control & fertiliser!

Andrew, 8 September 2012

I keep 1 Wyandotte Rooster, Three Warrens, 3 Bluebelles, 3 Speckledys with 2 large white duchs (male and female) with no problems at all..

Dan, 24 August 2012

I've got chickens and I'm wondering whether it would be okay to keep ducks and chickens in the same coop or is that not advisable?

Nick, 6 August 2011

Runner Ducks are fantastic pets. Word of warning the Ducklings are very noisy but it doesn't last for ever. Pets with an edible bi product, what more can you ask for. Great Blog by the way

Roy, 19 June 2011

some very interesting info. useful as i'm going to keep ducks and chickens .