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Done the Pavarotti Way!

This is not the easiest way to cook an egg and after beginners' luck you are going to have to practice until you have the knack. But the arctic white of the poached egg and the deep lava yolk seem to sum up the beauty of the homegrown egg. If you have some spinach to harvest then that's even better because they work together perfectly.

Put a shallow pan of water on to boil for the spinach. Fill another pan of water, deep enough to cover the egg and add a tablespoon of vinegar (this will make the white set faster giving the egg a better shape). Bring to the boil then reduce the heat right down so that the water is still. Create a whirlpool in the water by swirling a spoon around the edge. Crack the egg and let the contents fall into the centre of the whirlpool where they will immediately form into a neat pouch.

Put the toast on and then place the spinach in a steamer (a collander or sieve will work just as well) over the pan of boiling water.

When the toast pops out rub it directly with a clove of garlic and then drizzle liberally with olive oil. The warmth of the bread will start releasing the aromas so put the spinach on top quickly. Lift the poached egg out of the water with a slotted spoon, wait a few moments for the water to run off. The egg is now ready to be placed on the spinach before being crowned with ribbons of parmesano regiano. This is how Pavarotti likes to eat his poached egg and we all know how much he enjoys his food.

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