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Caddi Treat Holder

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Keep food off the ground and entertain your hens at the same time with the new Caddi Chicken Treat Holder from Omlet. The ideal way to feed fresh fruit and vegetables to your chickens, the Caddi Treat Holder keeps food off the ground which is healthier for your hens, improves run cleanliness, reduces food wastage and keeps pests away.

As an added benefit your chickens will enjoy the fun and interactive experience of foraging their treats from the swinging feeder. It’s practical too, thanks to it’s adjustable nylon string and handy plastic hook the Caddi can be hung from any chicken run or enclosure including Omlet’s popular Walk in Chicken Run.

The Caddi Treat Holder measures a generous 20cm top to bottom and 8cm across. It is made from heavy duty welded steel with a waterproof rain cap.

Customer Images

Feeder Caddi
Very practical food dispenser ;-))
Measures at the Caddi holder
Tasty pear and apple
A chicken eating lettuce from a Caddi treat holder
Three chickens pecking some vegetables from their treat holder
Three chickens eating some greens from their treat holder
Chickens pecking lettuce from a treat holder
Two chickens pecking some lettuce on their treat holder
A chicken feeding on some vegetables from her treat holder
Excellent for loading up with leaves
Omlet Caddi treat holder
A close up photograph of a chicken with a peck toy in the background.
An Omlet treat holder filled with vegatables.
Chickens inside a chicken run pecking a Caddi treat despencer.
Omlet Caddi chicken treat holder with apples inside with chicken pecking at it
They’ve not spied their treat yet!
Treat time
Enjoying their food caddy
Absolutely crackers about their treat holder
Chickens gathered around a Caddi treat holder
Enjoying sweetcorn
caddy and fence
Two chickens enjoying pecking at a hanging peck toy.
Lots of lettuce inside the Omlet Caddie treat holder for rabbits.
A chicken pecking a Caddi treat holding with some vegetable in it.
A Caddie treat holder full of fruit.
The Caddi treat holder for chickens by Omlet.
Some lovely fluffy chickens enjoying pecking around their coop.

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Caddi Treat Holder

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Fun for the ladies
It didn’t take long for them to get the hang
Review for: Caddi Treat Holder
This reviewer has 10+ Hyline pets
Great caddy holder!
I'm very happy with this caddy holder. The girls uses it all the time. Its good for environmental enrichment.
Review for: Caddi Treat Holder
This reviewer has 2-4 Isa browns pets
The girls love it!
Keeps them entertained for hours and they get a reward too.
Review for: Caddi Treat Holder
This reviewer has 2-4 ISA brown pets
Keeps food off the ground
Emma, NSW,
My chickens like pecking at the vegetables while it swings. Great for keeping vegetables off the ground and very easy to fill and emptyl
Review for: Caddi Treat Holder
This reviewer has 2-4 Barter White pets
Treat caddy
Awesome love it!
Review for: Caddi Treat Holder
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