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- Annie,

My netherland, Minty, has white fur with a black/grey nose, grey/black ears and grey paws which look like little boots! At first I wanted a puppy (who doesnt) but I had to settle for a rabbit, because of Minty's little black nose and boots he caught my eye straight away! At first my mum wasnt 100% sure about having a rabbit as all our other pets turned out to be unfriendly but now 1 year on she is obssesed with him and i think she may even love him more than me and my sister, anyway netherland's are really the friendliest rabbits out there, they have such lovely personalities and in my opinion they are better than having a puppy because they love cuddles, they love to sit with you anywhere whether on the floor, on your bed or on a sofa and you dont have to wash them or take them for walks (oh and they are SOO clean, and they dont poo when they are out of there cage they hod it in LOL) and trust me, when they lick there little lips your heart will melt! Overall I am totally smitten with my little bunny and netherlands are the same around everyone whether it be children or older people and fyi if getting one please dont leave it out in the cold, mine lives in our conservitary and he even gets cold in there, so if thinking of a pet i would definitely recomend a netherland dawrf (that is if you are looking for cuddles)

Make great pets for all. - Xangex,

I have plans on showing my Netherland Dwarfs, so I have a few. They are very friendly and great ideal rabbits for 1st time owners and children - even small children. Some nethies can be a little scatty when they are young but they do turn out to be very loving rabbits who love attention and cuddles. I have 2 as house rabbits and they are very clean. Litter training them for indoors or out is very easy. I think the Eglu's for rabbits are idea for this breed.

wonderful - wild and full of character - Lapin_Rouge,

We have a buck & doe - both 2 y/o & 'done'. Mostly neddy dwarf but prob crossed with something else cute (female could be part 'polish'). They live outdoors in the omlet run most of the year, but spend winter in an unheated greenhouse. Sorry but the omlet hutch is just a posh loo far as they concerned. NOT placid 'I'll sit here and you stroke me' bunny's. But they do like to come and say hello, on their own terms - full of curiosity & lively, never aggressive. DONT EVER EVER buy a bun from a pet shop or a breeder - our wondeful rabbits are from the RSPCA rescue.

lovely bunnies! - An Omleteer,

i have a gray netherland dwarf, 4years old and male. He's the best rabbit ever! He is soo friendly and watches t.v with me at night, comes on my bed and sits with me at the table!! He was a rescue rabbit from leek and was extremely vicious when we first had him, but we trained him and tamed hiim so now hes very well behaved and a great company. We all love him <3 this is the best breed of rabbit - thanks

Lovely! - Charlotte,

I have had 2 dwarf rabbits, one who which died today, but leaving that, they are lovely, generally very friendly, i had one that licked me, and the one who recently died used to jump in her cage by herself, I really do miss having dwarf rabbits, but hope in the future to have another one, as im trying to get over my loss, Overall absolutely genuine breed to have! x

beautiful rabbit - Vicky,

I have recently fostered a 7wk old black otter and he is gorgeous. he has settled in well and is not frightened or nervous at all and loves to be cuddled by both myself and my young son (6yrs). i have had conflicting advice about giving fruit and veg at a young age, can anyone please tell me if it is ok to allow small amounts or not?? i will keep you all updated with his progress.

Fabulous Pet! - Fran,

We have a Netherland Dwarf who is now 8 years old...she is the most loving and friendly rabbit I have ever seen! She happily hops around the garden and is happy to be caught so no chasing round like a lunatic trying to catch her! She loves to sit on our knee and if we sit on the floor she licks our hands and arms and if we are carrying her she licks our necks! The children (I have 3!) love her and she is a wonderful pet. We keep her indoors as she is so tiny so she is warm enough at night and in the day she goes outside in her run. She loves to bask in the sun! She was easily litter trained and she hops around the living room without making any mess.

The best pets ever - An Omleteer,

We have 2 netherland dwarf rabbits and they are the best pets. They are very fast and i'm not sure are the best pets for children under 7. One of our bunnies licks you! most rabbits do not do that so she is very special. They are perfect for garden bunnies and house rabbits and are great companions.They do the funniest things and you could watch them all day.