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Combi Cover for Walk in Run - 2m - Roof

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Omlet's Combi Covers offer the perfect combination of clear and heavy duty plastic covering for your pet run. The heavy duty half will provide a shady spot when the sun in shining, while the clear half will let the sun through and give your hens, cats or rabbits a good view. The entire cover will give protection from wind, rain and snow, so your pets can enjoy their run from season to season.

The Combi Cover is extremely hardwearing and should last you for years to come. It comes complete with bungee hooks for quick and easy attachment to the run.

This cover measures 97cm x 218cm and is suitable for the Walk in Chicken Run, Walk in Cat Enclosure, rabbit run or even use it on an Eglu chicken coop run.

Exact material and eyelet specification may vary.

Customer Images

Wooden chicken coop in a walk in run with a cover over the top
An Eglu chicken coop and wir with transparent cover on the top.
A clear cover on the top of a walk in run in a garden
Walk in combi cover, essential item
Protection from sun and rain
Shelter on a rainy day

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Combi Cover for Walk in Run - 2m - Roof

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