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Treat Dispenser Bundle

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Elevate snacktime with a full assortment of our chicken treat dispensers!

The Pendant Peck Toy can hang from a variety of heights for swinging, snacking fun! Instead of simply scattering your chickens' scratch around on the ground, fill the Pendant Peck Toy with your hens' favourite scratch grains and watch them go to town!

The Poppy Peck Toy is ingeniously (and adorably!) designed to look like a flower. Simply fill it with your hens' favourite grains or hard treats, and place it in the ground for an aesthetically pleasing snack-station.

The Caddi Treat Holder is perfect for those fresh greens and veggies your flock craves. The wide openings allow for multiple chickens to access the goodies inside all at once to promote sharing, and the feeder is easy to remove for refills!

Feeding your chickens their favourite grains up off the ground reduces waste and un-wanted visits from rodents.

This bundle includes:
1 x Pendant Peck Toy
1 x Poppy Peck Toy
1 x Caddi Treat Holder

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Poppy enjoying her new caddy

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Treat Dispenser Bundle

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A bundle of fun!
Things we love about our treat dispensers and caddy: - Easy for Mum to clean and move around the garden or run when needed. - Convenient screw in lids and additional hanging hooks to ensure our treats are secure. - One of the dispensers has a leafed stem design with stake which is super cute too! Highly recommended to any flock to add some extra fun to playtime. Love Hank (Frizzle Roo)
Review for: Treat Dispenser Bundle
This reviewer has 2-4 Frizzle Rooster, Pol pets
Boredom buster!
I bought the treat dispensers to give my chookies something to stimulate them outside of just scratching around the yard and it wasn’t long before they had taken to them like ducks to water. In fact I have to carefully time putting them out so they feed normally first THEN work for their treats. What fun to watch!
Review for: Treat Dispenser Bundle
This reviewer has 10+ Various heritage bre pets
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