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Eglu Cube & Pro Feeder - Green

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If you've expanded your flock, you can make sure there's plenty of delicious food for all your chickens everyone with the new Eglu Cube Feeder. The carefully sculpted overhanging front makes it easy for your chickens to eat, while keeping their food dry and protected from the droppings of wild birds.

Made of hygienic, easy to clean plastic, the New Eglu Cube Feeder attaches to your run with strong steel clips.

Also fits the Walk-In Run and Runs for the Eglu Cube Mk1, Eglu Go, Eglu Go UP and Eglu Classic.

The capacity of the Cube feeder is 2.7 litres when placed on a vertical run panel such as the Eglu Cube or Walk in Run, and 1.8 litres when placed on an angled run panel such as the Eglu Go.

Customer Images

Love my Eglu Cube feeders and so do my chooks!
Our hens' favourite manGeoire
Chicken eating from a chicken feeder
Keeps the rain and the kicked up hard wood chips out, excellent feeder.
Happy chicken’s enjoying breakfast
Easy to keep clean, ideal size that even a young child can clean and refill
Hen eating vegetables from a peck toy
Two chickens inside an Omlet chicken run.
A chicken inside an Omlet chicken coop.
Nom nom
A well used feeder!
Chicken in run
Chicken in feeder
Feeding time
Three chickens pecking some food inside the extension of an Eglu Cube
With 2 minutes
So easy
A feeder on a stand
A large green chicken coop with a run and a cover over the top
Green feeder
Lots of chickens eating from an Omlet feeder on the side of a walk in run
Ex battery chickens enjoying their new feeder!
Four orange chickens behind a walk in run eating from a feeder
Plenty of room for my big head !
Dinnner time!
Discovering the new dishes: let's see what's in there.

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Eglu Cube & Pro Feeder - Green

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Omlet feeder
Improved design, easy to use and safe from vermin, keeps feed dry when raining. So good
Review for: Eglu Cube & Pro Feeder - Green
This reviewer has 2-4 pets
I bought this feeder recently but not yet installed. I am hoping it will be mouse-proof. My last chooks were killed by foxes so I’m still working or the area. Foxes, mice and wild birds are my main issues to try to prevent.
Review for: Eglu Cube & Pro Feeder - Green
This reviewer has 2-4 It will be 2 chooks, pets
great feeder can be used for ducks too
this feeder is a good size and so far no rain has been able to get into it because of the brilliant design.its one of the very few feeders i can use that my ducks can eat out of.very happy with this product !!
Review for: Eglu Cube & Pro Feeder - Green
This reviewer has 2-4 ancona ducks pets
Green feeders Eglu
Chooks like them. Limits spills, so keeps the pigeons away. Nice colour
Review for: Eglu Cube & Pro Feeder - Green
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