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Autodoor Attachment Kit for Omlet Chicken Runs

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This attachment kit allows you to fit the Autodoor to any kind of chicken run made by Omlet, including the run for the Eglu Go, Eglu Go Up and Eglu Cube. It is also suitable for attaching the Autodoor to the Walk In Chicken Run.

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Homemade chicken coop with Omlet automatic door.
Automatic door on a masonry henhouse
Odette the orpington is happy to get out of the house on time in the morning and safely inside at night!
Cozy coop
Mounting on a wooden door
Installed on wooden coop
Brilliant addition to my coop/run. wouldn’t be without it, chickens Got used to it very quickly after i threw food the other side of it to tempt them through it.
Automatic door on wooden hen house
The day is dawning!
The greenhouse transformed into a chicken coop
Best automatic chicken coop door on the market
Real video to see that it is effective
Perfect automatic door
Our chicken setup. Looks good, but the Omlet coop will last longer.
Easy to install and chickens used it straight away, brilliant product!
You can attach the Omlet automatic door opener to the run.
Omlet Attachment Kit for Run, easy to fix on the run
My Omlet automatic door. a great addition!

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Autodoor Attachment Kit for Omlet Chicken Runs

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Auto door and light for Cube Mk2
Installed the auto door and light about 4 weeks ago into a Cube Mk2. Should have bought this a long time ago! Means we can have a sleep-in on a Sunday morning and have the odd night away without having to worry or find someone else to close/open the Eglu door. Installed relatively easy with clear step by step instructions. Required some dismantling of the Cube, but this made installation easier. If you’re fitting into a Cube Mk2, it doesn’t matter what colour you choose, as the coloured side of the door is on the inside (unless your chickens have a preference for green or grey)! We bought the light for it, but this only confused the chickens when it came on as they were already inside and then ventured out when the light came on, then being locked out! So we don’t use the light, but the door is great. We have it on timed open/close every day and the battery is still showing as 100% after nearly 4 weeks. I’d highly recommend this auto door!!
Review for: Autodoor Attachment Kit for Omlet Chicken Runs
This reviewer has 2-4 pets
Retro-fit Green Auto coop door (safely) into metal coop
Sue, SA,
Installed the green auto coop door a couple of months ago but been a bit slack in writing the review. Excellent pre-sale information from the parent UK Omlet team. Advised not to insert coop door into the steel wall due to sun on metal heating & warping door. Fully comprehend this as the shed roof with our solar pool heating reaches 46C in summer! Retro-fitted the door using the aperture where the external egg laying box was located. (The girls didn't use it for laying especially after a large eucalyptus branch fell & left a large dent in it!) Using AAA marine grade plywood, painted & sealed attached to the supporting struts of the metal wall. Easily followed the instructions & video to put the Omlet door into the plywood & works a treat! (see pictures)
Review for: Autodoor Attachment Kit for Omlet Chicken Runs
This reviewer has 8-10 mixed pets
Works well
A good quality product that works well and as advertised. Would love to be able to buy an automatic door chicken feeder to keep rodents out.
Review for: Autodoor Attachment Kit for Omlet Chicken Runs
This reviewer has 4-6 pets
Easy to install
Made the decision to move my automatic door from the coop to the run. Now the coop gets more airflow with the door left open (Perth gets hot!) and the run remains predator proof during the night. It's a win win.
Review for: Autodoor Attachment Kit for Omlet Chicken Runs
This reviewer has 2-4 Isa Browns & Hyline pets
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