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Omlet Outdoor Cat Run

The Outdoor Cat Run is a full-height, stable and adaptable enclosure that will provide your cats with a safe stimulating outdoor space to play and exercise!

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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2 Year Warranty
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Brilliant Customer Service
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Secure Payment
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5 Star Reviews

Two Heights of Outdoor Cat Playpen Available

The new Outdoor Cat Run is available in two heights. The Hi-Rise version allows you to literally walk in to spend more time with your cats. Your pet will be able to run and jump about and there is plenty of space for a bed, scratching post, litter tray, food and water bowl, and any other accessories you want to add. You could even set up a deck chair to sit back and relax with your pets, making it easy to let your indoor cat outside. The Lo-Rise Version is a new concept, giving your cats plenty of secure floor space, at a lower height and a lower price (of course if you are less than 1.16m tall you can still walk in).

The Lo-Rise Walk in Chicken Run with height arrow The Lo-Rise Outdoor Cat Run is a great entry level product. It has all the floor space of the Hi-Rise version and you can extend the height at a later date.

The Hi-Rise Walk in Chicken Run with height arrow The Hi-Rise Walk In Cat Enclosure allows you to walk right in and spend time with your cats. They'll love all that extra room and you'll enjoy the benefits too.

Should you Let Your Indoor Cat Outside?

The Walk in Cat Enclosure offers the perfect combination of style and security. A lot of people choose not to let their cats outside, for fear of them getting lost, injured or even stolen, but with this outdoor pet enclosure, they'll be able to enjoy the great outdoors without you having to worry. Your cats can enjoy the fresh air while giving you peace of mind. Please note that due to the spacing in the upper mesh (approx. 7cm x 4.5cm) it is advisable that you wait until your cat is 12 months old before leaving it unsupervised in the Outdoor Cat Run.

Animation of door lock mechanism for the Outdoor Cat Run The brand new door lock uses gravity to drop naturally into the locked position, meaning you don't have to remember to slide the bolt back across as you do in a traditional lock.
Close up of the steel mesh that makes up the Outdoor Cat Run. Made from the same heavy gauge steel weld mesh as the Eglu runs. Please note that due to the spacing in the upper mesh (approx. 7cm x 4.5cm) it is advisable that you wait until your cat is 12 months old before leaving it unsupervised in the Outdoor Cat Run.
The lock on the Omlet walk in chicken run. You can lock and unlock the door from inside the Outdoor Cat Run.
A dog trying to get into the Outdoor Cat Run The Outdoor Cat Run has a detachable anti-tunnel skirt. Similar to the Eglu Run Skirt, this will prevent predators from digging in.
The full height stable door makes it easy to give your cats some treats without them escaping.

If you opt for the Hi-Rise Walk In Cat Enclosure, you’ll have the benefit of a stable style door. The top and bottom of the door open independently allowing you to throw in some toys or treats without your nimble-pawed pedigree nipping out between your legs. Extra doors can be purchased and added to the run in various positions too. The Lo-Rise Walk In Cat Enclosure still has a large door which is easy to reach through and ideal for topping up food and water quickly.

Extending your Walk In Cat Enclosure

The Walk in Cat Enclosure can be extended in numerous ways, whether you buy a large run straight away, or extend it over the years. Increase the width, length and height, using easy to add sections, and create a custom made run to suit your requirements. Please refer to the Walk In Cat Enclosure Configurator below for options on how to extend your run.

Man standing inside the Omlet walk in chicken run with the Eglu Cube chicken house. The 3 x 4 x 2 Walk In Cat Enclosure is perfect if you have more than two cats, or just to give your one cat a kingdom to rule.

Covers for your Walk In Cat Enclosure

Accessorise your Walk In Cat Enclosure with a Heavy Duty or Clear Cover in different sizes. These can be used independently or in multiples to create sheltered areas for your cats. Omlet covers are extremely hard-wearing and they will provide brilliant protection against wind, rain and snow. The clear covers are ideal for winter and the heavy duty covers provide lots of shade in the summer.

The Heavy Duty Side Cover will cover one panel.
The Clear Roof Cover will cover two panels.
Omlet Covers are quick and easy to hook in position.
Assembling poles of the Omlet walk in cat run. You can quickly make up the poles without any tools, they just slot together.

Assembling your Walk In Cat Enclosure is quicker and easier than ever. You can assemble a Lo-Rise in around an hour and a Hi-Rise version should take you no more than one and a half hours to assemble, using the simple instructions included. The only tool you will need is a pozi (cross type) screwdriver, for the Door Bolt.

Graphic showing the Porch and Partition for the Outdoor Cat Run You can now add a Porch (left) or Partition (right) to your Outdoor Cat Run

Now you can enhance your Outdoor Cat Run by adding a Porch or Partition. Both are made from the same strong steel weld mesh as the Outdoor Run and make a great addition to your cat's run setup.

The Outdoor Cat Run Porch can be fitted to any side of a full height (2.05m) Outdoor Cat Run and provides you with a 2-door entry system for added security and peace of mind.

A range of Outdoor Cat Run Partitions are available that are compatible with all sizes of Outdoor Run and they are available to buy in full or half height. The partition features a secure door for easy personal access to each part of the run and can be used to separate different cats or to gradually introduce new cats to each other. It can also be used to create a separate feeding area.

Patent Pending. Design Registered.

Compatible with Omlet products

The Walk In Cat Enclosure is compatible with our range of Eglus. You might already have a bed or cat house that you want to put inside the enclosure, but should you decide that your pets might like an Eglu to snuggle up in, you will have that option. Connection kits are available to attach the run to most types of Eglu, while other houses can be placed directly inside, giving your cats a place to rest, shelter and dream of mice. If your Walk in Cat Enclosure is 3 panels wide or more you can connect any Eglu apart from the Eglu Go UP no run, Eglu Cube no run and Eglu Go Hutch 1m run to the side with the door.

Your current Eglu Can it connect to a Walk In Cat Run? Can it go inside a Walk In Cat Run? Can the door be placed on the same side as the Eglu? (applies to 2 panel wide run only)
Hi-Rise Lo-Rise Hi-Rise Lo-Rise Hi-Rise Lo-Rise
Eglu Go (no run)
Eglu Go with Run
Eglu Classic (no run)
Eglu Classic with Run
Eglu Go UP (no run)
Eglu Go UP with Run
Eglu Cube (no run)
Eglu Cube with Run
Eglu Go Hutch (no run)
Eglu Go Hutch with 1m Run
Eglu Go Hutch with 2m Run

Frequently Asked Questions

The size of run you need depends on how many cats you’ve got, the size of your cats and how much they are spending in the run. Always aim to give your cats as much space as you can. If you’re having troubles deciding on what run size to get, feel free to contact our customer services team who will be happy to guide you!
Yes, you can secure the skirt of the run to the ground with Omlet’s screw pegs to make sure there are no gaps.
No. The skirting comes with all of Omlet's pre made outdoor cat enclosures, but you can choose not to attach it or remove it whenever you want.
The lower half mesh is 25 x 75mm, and the upper half mesh is 50 x 75mm.
Yes, all Eglus can be connected to the large cat enclosure with a connection kit. For the Eglu Cube and Eglu Go UP, the Eglu must have a 2m run in order to attach to the run.
Yes, the door can be positioned anywhere on the walk in cat enclosure, apart from right next to an attached Eglu.
The full height door is 1.81m.
It is possible to move the run, but due to the high quality materials even the smallest runs are relatively heavy. If you decide to move the run, we suggest asking for help from at least one other person.
We don’t have a customised solution for having the outdoor cat run attached to the house, or for letting your cat access the outdoor cat enclosure from a window, but many customers have done it. You can check the customer images below for some outdoor cat enclosure ideas. We suggest you speak to a DIY specialist to make sure you get the right fixings to attach the run safely.
The run can be extended to two sections high and three sections wide, but there is no limit on how far the run can be extended lengthwise. It is only possible to extend a half height run height and lengthwise, the width is limited to two sections.
No, there are a number of reasons why you might choose to have a catio. You might have a cat that normally roams freely, but will need to be supervised for a period of time due to illness, injuries, pregnancy, risk of theft etc. An outdoor cat run enclosure is a great way of letting them be outside, while still keeping them safe.

Got another question?
Please contact our friendly customer services team or call us on 0281034124.

Verified Reviews - Omlet Outdoor Cat Run

2 Stars:


1 Star:


Catio - Helen, Cumbria,

After looking around for a long time and reading all the positive reviews I bought our catio, arrived the next day after ordering which was great. Assembled it with 2 people very easily, took a little longer than I thought but no complaints. I think it is fabulous and glad I chose omlet. Assembly instructions and video was brilliant and very helpful. Now comes the excitedly of making the inside fun did my boys, I have four male cats, they have had their first outing this morning and loved it, would definitely recommend. Thanks for the first class service so far.
Review for: Omlet Outdoor Cat Run - Catio - 3 x 4 x 2

Verified Purchase: Apr 2022 This reviewer has 2-4 Domestic short hair pets

Purrrfect catio! - Mark,

We got this catio so our 4 month old Siberian kitten could enjoy some time outdoors safely. After researching all options on the market, we decided on Omlet's catio, despite it being at the most expensive end of the market. Thankfully we are very pleased we invested in it. It was easy to assemble, even on our sloping lawn. There is enough give in each mesh panel section that it tolerates the bumpy sloping nature of our lawn well. We left the clips in warm water before using them to soften them, and we found that all the mesh panels connected easily. Much of it can be done by 1 person, but it was easier to have a helper. One panel had gotten slightly bent in transit or packing but I was able to move it back to position without much difficulty. The door mechanism is very secure. The whole structure is really stable. Our kitten loves being outdoors and until she's older and neutered, this gives her the opportunity she wouldn't otherwise have. We've got the 3 X 2 version, which gives plenty of room for climbing and jumping. I created a wooden play gym for her out of scraps of wood I had lying around.
Review for: Omlet Outdoor Cat Run - Catio - 2 x 3 x 2

Verified Purchase: Apr 2022 This reviewer has 1 Siberian pets

Just what we required. - Jackson,

My nine-month-old Bengal/Cross kitten had an accident, breaking a hind leg. Following surgery I have strict instructions from the vet not to allow her to run or jump for eight weeks! She is confined to an indoor dog kennel but I needed an outdoor enclosure for her. The Omlet Catio arrived very promptly and is just what we need for the invalid. .
Review for: Omlet Outdoor Cat Run - Catio - 2 x 2 x 1

Verified Purchase: Apr 2022 This reviewer has 1 Bengal/Cross pets

Fantastic piece of engineering design - Stephen,

The Omlet Catio is quick and easy for two people to put up, the design of the panels and clip system is simply ingenious. You think this will never be rigid then you fit the roof and it is solid as a rock. It is without doubt the most scaleable option to fit any garden to allow your indoor cats some outdoor space in safety. All I need to do now is build the inside !!!
Review for: Omlet Outdoor Cat Run - Catio - 2 x 3 x 2

Verified Purchase: Mar 2022 This reviewer has 2-4 Maine Coon x2 pets

Quality Product! - Jason,

The best purchase for our cat ever! We have an indoor Ragdoll Cat. Since the installation of a cat flap, with an external tunnel leading to the Catio, we have seen an amazing change in her. She goes in and out when she pleases and loves playing in the Omlet Catio. We also added the Omlet Cat Tree with steps, picking posts and cat bridge. She loves it!
Review for: Omlet Outdoor Cat Run - Catio - 2 x 3 x 2

This reviewer has 1 Ragdoll Cat pets

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