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How To Make A Rabbit Tunnel System

Linking rabbit hutches and runs with a tunnel system can transform a simple bunny setup into something special. It takes a bit of careful thought and planning, but your pets will love you for it.

A tunnel system can be as simple as a single link between the rabbit hutch/cage and the rabbit run. For anything more complicated, it’s best to plan things carefully. Work out how much space you can afford to dedicate to the tunnel system. Are there any corners? How about a T-junction to make things even more interesting? Will it be possible to access all the burrow pipes for routine cleaning? What about that space behind the flower beds, or around trees, shrubs and posts – can you install sections of tunnel there to maximise the space available?

A rabbit tunnel system can be tailor-made for the space you have available

Our Zippi Rabbit Tunnel System helps you work out all these details. It’s flexible enough to fit whatever space you have. It fits all sizes of bunny too, with a width of 180 mm that allows the largest rabbit breeds to squeeze through, no problem. You can clip together its 90cm sections to fit the contours of your garden perfectly.

Modular rabbit tunnels

The Zippi Rabbit Tunnel System enables you to link everything together, whether traditional wooden rabbit hutches or Eglu Go rabbit hutches, Zippi Pet Enclosures or Outdoor Pet Runs. There are optional T-junctions, look outs and hay rack feeding stations, giving your rabbits the best experience this idea of a wild warren. You can raise the whole tunnel system from the lawn too, using steel Zippi support loops.

Have a think, sketch some plans, and see what you can come up with. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Zippi T-junctions can link hutches to two runs at once.
  • Zippi support loops can raise the pipe sections from the ground, like a bunny flyover.
  • Several hutches can be connected via pipe sections to a central run or feeding area.
  • Sections of tunnel can be attached to a raised feeding station, climb terraces in a steep garden, or lead up and down from raised or stacked hutches.
  • If you bury parts of the bunny tunnel, your pets will be able to travel underground like wild rabbits.

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