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Guinea pigs need a place to call home. A hutch, in other words. Even if your pets are going to spend their time indoors, a hutch is still an essential purchase. This could be a traditional wooden hutch, or, better still, a modern design like our Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch. Whatever set up you choose, you'll need to give the matter some careful thought.

Eglu Go
The Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch

A good hutch is not an optional extra - it's a vital part of your guinea pigs' health and happiness. They'll spend most of their time here, eating, sleeping, resting, socialising and exercising. A hutch should last many years, and by investing in a solid, robust model, you're making the ideal start to your Guinea pigs' lives.

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Georgiana, 13 January 2017

I am getting two guinea pigs soon and so i was wondering whether the Eglu go guinea pig hutch is suitable for an indoor hutch as well as it being a all weatherproof hutch for outside.