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Excellent -

Works perfectly

The greatest door EVER for coops!I - QLD,

I bought and added this door to my eglu cube Mk 2. It was very easy and quick to install. I works beautifully. I could not have a coop without it, as it is peace of mind, for when I am late or forget to close the chicken coop. Thank you.

Good Design And Works Well -

Works well on our MK 1 Eglu Cube - you need the Conversion Kit for it to fit. The instructions, which come with the door, are reasonable to follow, however, the on-line YouTube video doesn’t show it being fitted to the MK 1 (it says so but it doesn’t). But after watching it through twice I could see how it did fit - so we didn’t have any problems! It works well - it opens and closes when we want it to. It is reasonable value for the cost - but that test will come over time. We feel that we can leave our flock with willing carers (eggs in payment) while we are on holiday and not having them too bothered first thing in the morning and last thing at night. We will possibly think about fitting one to the inner eglu run in the future (saving up the pennies now!!).

Superb product. Love it! Fine tuning important - Hampshire,

I bought this to add to my traditional wooden coop for my free range hens, mainly so that I don't have to worry about being home in time in the evening to close them up (I know for a fact I have foxes!). This works brilliantly, and for the UK in winter the light setting is the best option, but it does take a little bit of fine tuning to make sure you don't lock any chooks out! The first few nights I ended up with 1 or 2 hens still out when the door locked! It has now been a few weeks of use and I have had a 100% success rate. This door is simply the best out there. It’s positive action is so much more reliable and secure than the others that rely on gravity!

Safe & Secure Hens AND Eggs -

I adore the auto door! I have a flock of Lavender Araucanas, my precious bearded ladies. The new door has kept the fox and the neighbours kid out (my cop cam caught him sneaking in to grab their special blue eggs when I had a regular coop door). With all the great new tech out someone should invent an egg alert device so we can know the moment a new egg arrives!

Game changer! -

Super pleased I finally purchased one of these. Such a relief to know that with the nights getting darker that the gals will be safely shut away when in away from the house. Plus, the lie-ins are fab! It was straightforward to install, took about an hour & have left it on default light setting which has worked a treat. Def recommend *****

Great product -

Easy to fit to non-Omlet products. Most auto doors work with a vertical door. This wouldn’t work with my duck house. Despite the fact that I had to alter the opening of the wooden house to fit the Omlet door, it was easy to fit. Easy to set up & operate AND easy to operate manually if required. Excellent product. Excellent instructions. More expensive than other models but definitely worth it. Very happy.

So Easy To Use -

I upgraded my coop and auto door just over a year ago and I'm so pleased with this automtic door; it's so easy to operate I can change the settings in just a few clicks. The chickens get themselves up in the summer so I don't have to worry about getting up too early on a weekend - perfect.

Best thing ever -

Although I have chickens I bought this for my cats to use. They are only allowed to go out during the daytime ( they can get back in anytime through a microchip cat flap but not out ) I bought the auto door because they can SEE when it is open , with proprietary timer controlled cat flaps they cannot, neither can they tell the time ???? Omlet should advertise the Autodoor in their cat section too. Superb product . I will recommend it to all my cat loving friends

Excellent product, but use online instructions -

Excellent product and easy to use. I set the time manually otherwise my ladies go and lay in odd places and it is quick and easy to change the time to accommodate the shortening evenings. Only giving 4 stars because the paper instructions were either out of date or belonged to another model and it was hugely frustrating in parts trying to follow them. When I went indoors to google I found the online ones which were the right ones so check first that the paper ones match the online ones before you start.

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